Fallout TV Series Clip Shows Why People Hate Vault Dwellers

Prime Video has published an extended Fallout TV series clip that showcases two minutes of content from the title dropping on April 11. In the clip, we see Lucy, our heroine, facing down against Walton Goggins’ terrifyingly charismatic Ghoul character. When it seems all is turning sour, Maximus – played by Aaron Moten – soars in wearing a suit of Power Armor to save the day.

The clip reveals that Lucy is essentially a deer in the headlights, using her typical vault-given education to baffle a grotesque Ghoul with verbose and cascading turns of phrase. She tries to pop him with some tranquiliser weapon – but of course, she fails miserably, being mocked by a local wastelander in the process.

Stealing The Show

The trio of main characters are detailed perfectly in the short but sweet clip published by Prime Video earlier today. Lucy is the fresh-out-of-the-vault heroine bursting at the seams with innocence and a do-good attitude. Then there’s The Ghoul, played by Walton Goggins, a suave but deadly individual with one of the coolest outfits in television history. Finally, there’s Maximus, a Brotherhood of Steel warrior with a thick suit of Power Armor, resilient to most forms of damage.

In the short scene, a situation unfolds dramatically, but there’s enough humour there to keep things light enough. It’s authentically Fallout, though – everything from the set design to the outfits is unapologetically accurate.

Here’s the clip:

The Fallout TV series launches exclusively on Prime Video on April 11, with every episode being available at the time of release.

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