Connie Booth Has Gone From PlayStation to Electronic Arts

In October last year, one of PlayStation’s longest-serving employees, Connie Booth, left the company. The former Head of Production at PlayStation suddenly exited the firm amid rumours that she was pushed out of the door – but the reason for her departure was never made clear. She’d been at PlayStation for a whopping thirty-four years, and original claims stated that her ‘team walked out after her’.

Now, Connie Booth has found a new home – this time at Electronic Arts.

Pastures New

In an exclusive report by IGN, it was explained that Connie Booth has stepped into a General Manager, Action RPG role at Electronic Arts. She’ll be working to shape the future of a series of studios, including EA Motive, Cliffhanger, and BioWare, reporting directly to the recently-appointed Head of EA Entertainment, Laura Miele.

That means she’ll have direct input in the likes of Iron Man, Black Panther, Mass Effect 4, and Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

In the article published by IGN, it was claimed that Booth may want to replicate some PlayStation strategies at Electronic Arts, which is in the midst of a restructuring effort that has seen almost 1,000 employees laid off around the world – and lead to the closure of studios and games. It was referenced that Booth will be in charge of ‘revitalising’ BioWare, which has been on something of a downturn in recent years.

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