Destiny 2 Fireteam Finder Release Delayed, But Coming as a BETA

Destiny 2 Fireteam Combat

Bungie has officially announced in a new blog update that the upcoming Fireteam Finder tool is aiming to launch sometime in “late January”. A concrete release date was not confirmed. 

A Raids stress test is also scheduled to begin at 9 AM pacific time on November 30th. It’s expected to last through 5 PM. However, Bungie warns fans it might end earlier at any point. It’s also currently unclear which Raids will actually be playable.

The Raids stress test will also directly influence the planned Beta period. Today’s blog carefully mentions that the Beta is currently expected in December “pending Stress Test results”. This implies it could also be delayed, and in turn, the full January release.

But Destiny 2 heavily relies on teamwork, so the Fireteam Finder will be an essential tool that needs a smooth launch. 

Many games are completely undone by similar matchmaking systems. It’s consistently tricky and deserves all the time it needs. But it is another frustrating instance of Destiny 2 suffering from delays in general.

Fortunately, fans can still use the site and companion app until Fireteam Finder launches. 

The creatives behind Fireteam Finder cited a list of goals for all their testing. Perhaps the most important one is the scaling proof. Although Destiny 2 is an older game, the playerbase remains fairly healthy as Season of the Wish swiftly approaches.

Bungie also surprised fans by revealing that they’ve been “developing a new out-of-game Fireteam Finder”. 

Players won’t have access to it during December’s Beta, but Bungie does plan to integrate it with the in-game system. 

This will definitely make the Fireteam Finder more flexible and convenient. After all, Destiny 2 is also a deeply social game with a longtime sense of community. 

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