There’s a New Trailer For The Delta Force Reboot

delta force

Recently, an unlisted CG trailer for the ‘reimagination’ of Delta Force surfaced online. It’s the latest showcase of the in-development title from TiMi Studio Group, giving prospective fans an inside look at the ‘core spirit’ behind Delta Force: Hawk Ops. In August 2023, the first trailer was revealed for the upcoming title, and it split hairs – especially those who fondly remember the classic shooter that died fourteen years ago.

Good on the Surface

Delta Force: Hawk Ops smacks of Battlefield 2042 in the latest CG trailer – which hasn’t been published just yet but has surfaced online. In the trailer, we’re subjected to images of a war-torn, futuristic world, seeing soldiers fused with exoskeletons, fancy gadgets, and intense tactical equipment.

The combat looks fast-paced and violent, there are destructive elements, drones, killstreaks, and vehicles. It’s effectively as close to Battlefield 2042 as you could get without it being Battlefield 2042. It looks as though Delta Force: Hawk Ops will feature wide-scale battles in vast maps, but bizarrely, it’s coming to mobile platforms as well as PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. Originally, the link to this trailer surfaced on

TiMi Studio Group is a subsidiary of Tencent, and up until now, the group has been responsible for working on Call of Duty: Mobile, Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor, and Pokémon Unite, among others.

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