Delta Force: Hawk Ops Revealed at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023

Delta Force: Hawk Ops Revealed

After a teaser was posted over the weekend, a new trailer and reveal for Delta Force: Hawk Ops was revealed during the pre-show of this year’s Gamescom Opening Night Live.

The first Delta Force game since 2009’s Delta Force Xtreme 2, the rebooted game features a solo campaign as well as two game modes called “Hazard Operations” and “Havoc Warfare”.

Hazard Operations is an extraction-based mode while Havoc Warfare features large-scale PvP combat.

The game is currently in pre-alpha, but you can see gameplay footage in the trailer below.

The game is in development from Tencent’s TiMi Studio Group. When released, it’ll be available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Mobile devices.

“Delta Force: Hawk Ops is a brand new cross-platform tactical shooter where you’ll play the role of an Operator tasked with accomplishing extreme missions through precise tactical planning and application,” the video’s description reads.

This year’s Gamescom event takes place from August 23, 2023 – August 27, 2023, so expect more news from the event in the coming days. For more Gamescom trailers and news, click here to check out all of our coverage.

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  1. Coming from a longtime DF fan, the game looks awful, but it seems there’s a bigger story here. Novalogic successfully snagged the Delta Force trademark in the 1990s because the US government denied the existence of the real life special forces unit at the time. Fast forward to 2023, and if I’m wrapping my head around Tencent’s deal correctly, they just snagged the trademark to one of America’s most elite special forces groups – and are retelling historic events the American military was involved in, pitched to young westerners.

    Personally, I don’t sense much reverence from Tencent for the source material. I have to wonder how Mogadishu veterans (and even John Garcia and longtime Novalogic employees) feel seeing what Tencent is doing here.

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