EA Asks If Fans Are Interested in More Dead Space Remakes

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Dead Space’s remake, which launched in January 2023, proved to be a successful enough title for EA Motive, the developer behind the positively received horror reconstruct. Its launch sales didn’t manage to beat The Callisto Protocol (in the UK boxed charts, anyway), which launched a month earlier and served as something of a spiritual successor to Dead Space, but it was enough to top charts during its release window.

Now, it seems that EA is probing players, attempting to determine how interested they’d be in further Dead Space remakes, specifically for the second and third games. In an alleged survey that was revealed on Twitter, there are two key questions that ask just that, and while it’s not a confirmation that the games will surface, it is indicative of EA’s openness to potentially creating them.

More Dead Space?

It seems as though EA is open to potentially creating more Dead Space remakes, which is hardly something that nobody saw coming. Given the success of the first title and the generally positive reviews, there’s a great foundation there that would lead to the community hopefully appreciating the remaining games in the series being recreated from scratch.

Here’s the reference to the alleged survey that EA is circulating:

There were easter eggs hidden in the first Dead Space remake that essentially opened the door for people to believe that a Dead Space 2 remake would be a given, but nothing has since been confirmed.

In fact, the only development we’ve seen in the Dead Space universe since the game debuted is the addition of the Isaac Clarke bundle in Fortnite.

That means nothing, ultimately – even if a remake of Dead Space 2 was on the way, it wouldn’t be announced a mere month after the release of the first game. For now, it seems that EA is satisfied is testing the waters through targeted surveys.

It’s time to watch this space.

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  1. It would be nice and well appreciated if EA puts the originals on the switch as a trilogy
    I would love to see and play the remake
    But I’m a nomadic minimalist
    And lugging around a TV and console and all the other things
    is way too much for me
    And the steam deck is too expensive right now.

  2. They’ll only do dead space 2 again if the original remake exceeded their profit goal. im holding off on buying the remake because i’ve beaten the 2008 original at least 5 times already

  3. Hey buddy I’ve also beaten the original about 5 times as well but let me tell you that the remake of it has really blew me away and I would say please pick it up and play it.For it isn’t just a remake they actually added a lot of new stuff and even new level design.For one example is the fact that there is no loading in the whole game which is insane how they pull it off but they did so don’t miss out on something you’ll truly enjoy.For me it’s a masterpiece of a horror game.

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