Dead Island 2 Sola Festival DLC is Coming April 17th

In a new post on Twitter, the official Dead Island 2 account revealed that the anticipated Sola Festival DLC will release on April 17th.

Dead Island 2 first launched in April 2023, and is available now on Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. Last month, Dambuster Studios announced that the sequel is also coming to Steam on April 22nd.

Many fans speculated that the Sola Festival DLC would release in Q2 2024. Its concrete release date now lines up with the Steam port, and further celebrates the first anniversary of the game.

While there’s still no trailer for the upcoming DLC, the devs did release a brief teaser on Dead Island’s official site. They also showcased some promo art in today’s tweet to establish the basic theme.

Dead Island 2 joined Xbox Game Pass in February with a surprise drop, which likely attracted more casual fans of the genre.

The first Dead Island 2 DLC was the Haus expansion, which explored a mysterious cult in Malibu. The DLC launched to some fairly mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.

According to the official site, the Sola Festival DLC will focus on the “ultimate Californian music festival”. It will feature “new weapons, perks and curveballs”, such as the Sawblade Launcher and Ripper.

The Sola Festival DLC will also introduce “an all new zombie archetype, the whipper” to Dead Island 2. It will be a zombie that “just scratched its body open” and uses its insides for a whip attack.

Art Director Adam Olson explains that “we wanted to build a large, sunny playground for our slayers” to contrast Haus. So, players disappointed in the previous expansion might look forward to a drastic change of pace.

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