Dead Island 2 ‘Isn’t Done’ As Devs Confirm 7 Million Player Milestone

dead island 2

In a recent update posted on Twitter, Dambuster Studios spoke about the future of Dead Island 2, the top-tier zombie slasher that was released in 2023 after more than ten years in development hell. It has been one year since the game was released, and by all accounts, Dambuster is far from finished with the open-world, post-apocalyptic epic.

Dedicated to the Undead

In the message posted on Twitter to the community, Dambuster wrote:

We have had well over 7 million players enter Hell-A and a brain-melting 24 billion zombies slayed! We were also truly honoured to be nominated for Best Action Game at The Game Awards last year, and more recently for Best British Game at the esteemed BAFTAs.

Recently, Dambuster Studios released SoLA, Dead Island 2’s second expansion that introduced gnarly new zombie archetypes and a new playable area, amongst other things. Since being released in 2023, Dead Island 2 has effortlessly established itself as one of the best open-world zombie titles on the market, fusing gory combat with an entertaining story and sumptuous visuals.

In the message posted online, Dambuster assured fans that this isn’t the end:

To all our Slayers – we read and value all your comments and wishes for the future! In the following months we’ll share some exciting and long-awaited new game updates, so stay tuned for more Dead Island 2 content to come!

Are you still playing Dead Island 2, or are you all done and waiting for something new to be added to the game?

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  1. They didn’t experience layoffs? Also I guess this number came from Game Pass not sales.

  2. I was done with the game after a week. No it doesn’t mean I finished the game. Just means I noted out after a week. Basically the game game felt worse than the first dead island instead of improving it. Instead of removing the aspect of cost of improving, fixing a weapon, or crafting, devs left it in. (Ie if I have $1000 of in game currency the game will charge me $500 if that’s the cost to fix or upgrade the weapon). Oh let’s talk about how I can’t join friends or my friends can’t join me if our characters that we use are at different points in the game. That’s to name a few and I have no idea if the developer fixed any or all of it.

  3. The Dead Island 2, even though I beat it I still play it & look forward to future updates. I read some of the comments about a few select hating it but there will always be ineptoids with horrible tastes. Dead Island 2 rocks & can’t wait to see what is added to it next.

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