Datamines Confirm The Crew 3 to be Called Motorfest

New datamines by ScriptLeaksR6 on Twitter have seemingly confirmed that the next The Crew game will be called Motorfest.

Originally reported by Insider Gaming and in collaboration with Xbox Era’s Nick Baker (Shpeshal Nick), Motorfest is Ubisoft’s latest attempt at pushing The Crew series to new heights.

Insider Gaming understands that The Crew Motorfest, known internally as Project Orlando was intended to be The Crew 2 DLC but became something much bigger later on in development.

Images provided to Insider Gaming under the condition that the images are not released publically show a Motorfest logo throughout the game, such as on electronic billboards, registration plates, and in the loading menu.

It’s understood that the game will have a new engine and the images provided clearly show that the game will take place on the Hawaii island of Oahu. Of course, there are some slight modifications to the island, but players should expect to see picture-perfect ocean blue seas and drive through high mountainous roads.

Earlier this month, we reported that Project Orlando is Ubisoft’s “yet-to-be-announced major IP” to release in FY24 and will be revealed in the coming weeks/months. A datamine of its Insider Program would suggest that an announcement is likely on the horizon; possibly as early as next week.

Will you be playing The Crew Motorfest?

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