Crystal Dynamics Is Struck By Embracer Layoff Curse

crystal dynamics

Embracer’s curse is getting from bad to worse – from entire studios closing down to layoffs occurring across the board, things have been facing a monumental downturn since Embracer itself failed to secure that $2 billion deal with Saudi Arabia several weeks ago. Now, Tomb Raider developer, Crystal Dynamics, has taken to social platforms to announce layoffs that have impacted the members of staff.

This news comes a few months after it was stated quite adamantly on social media that the studio wouldn’t be impacted by Embracer’s efforts to downsize the firm. It’s not a massive wave of layoffs, but even one member of staff made redundant is a tragedy, especially as it just keeps on happening with the Embracer Group, which employs around 17,000 people globally.

‘Align With Business Needs’

In a short and simple statement, Crystal Dynamics posted a quick explanation on Twitter, highlighting that these ten layoffs were made to align with ‘current business needs’. It was revealed that those made redundant were from the brand, marketing, and IT departments, so there aren’t many concerns regarding the ongoing development of the new Tomb Raider game, which is being made hand-in-hand with Amazon.

In recent weeks, Volition – an Embracer studio – ceased operating after thirty years in the business. Following that news, information surfaced pointing towards a potential sale of Gearbox by Embracer, again with the goal of downsizing and recovering sorely needed capital.

Embracer Group is a sizeable conglomerate that has countless studios under its umbrella – around 130 in total. It’s awful to admit it, but we’re not expecting this line of news to wear thin any time soon.

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  1. The gaming studios that make money get sold off or downsized but the comic book company they own isn’t shut down? Shut them down save a ton.

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