Counter-Strike 2 Leaks via Torrent Ahead of Release This Summer

Counter-Strike 2 has been leaked online via a torrent ahead of its Summer 2023 release date. The leak comes after the game has been in a “limited testing period” for just a couple of days.

The leak was uncovered by Twitter user Artie Yamamoto who shared details of the torrent which has a size of 18.92 GB and a total of 2664 files that contains the core cs2.exe file. The validity of the leak was confirmed by a digital signature on the file provided by Valve Corp and screenshots of Artie playing the game.

Valve recently announced that a limited amount of players would be able to play-test Counter-Strike 2 ahead of its release. The players were diligently selected by Valve based on their recent play time on Valve’s official servers, their Steam account standing, and a general trust factor. It looks like that trust has been broken though as there’s speculation online that the leak could have come from one of the players in the limited test run.

It’s worth noting, that this leak appears to be an early version of Counter-Strike 2 and not the final version that is set to release this summer. The version of the game found in the torrent only contains the single-player campaign with no access to multiplayer. Valve has yet to make any official statement regarding the leak but it’s a rocky situation given that Counter-Strike 2 was only revealed two days ago.

Counter-Strike 2 is set to be one of the biggest games of the year and anticipation is rife amongst the franchise’s devoted fan base. Valve officially revealed the game with three videos detailing the vast improvements and upgrades to the tactical shooter which will completely overhaul the original Counter-Strike: Global Operations. More details on what Counter-Strike 2 is set to offer players when it releases this summer can be found here.

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