Counter-Strike 2 Could Be Headed to Mobile Devices, Dataminer Suggests

counter-strike 2 mobile

It was just yesterday that Valve officially lifted the lid on Counter-Strike 2, confirming every leak, rumour, and suggestion that has been circulating in the last few months. Now, thanks to the efforts of talented dataminers, code has been dug up that suggests Counter-Strike 2 may be headed to mobile devices in the future.

On Twitter, self-proclaimed Counter-Strike 2 aficionado, aquaismissing, uploaded screencaps that quite clearly refer to some kind of mobile product. There are only a few references, but it’s enough to suggest that, at some point in the future, Counter-Strike 2 could receive some kind of handheld port.

It Makes Sense, Right?

It’s relatively common knowledge that Riot Games is trying to port VALORANT to mobile devices (and consoles, apparently), which means that Valve will have to work to compete, given that CSGO and VALORANT are direct opponents in the gaming space. Originally, this didn’t seem so possible, but now that Counter-Strike 2 exists – running on the iOS and Android-compatible Source 2 engine – it becomes extremely possible.

There are precious few references that point to a mobile product existing, but there is enough there to get handheld gaming fans a little excited.

In the screencaps, we see paths related to mobile textures, a low-bitrate designation, and references in a console to how ‘FPS ‘mobile_fps’ would be handled during charging and touch.

However, some eagle-eyed Twitter users have suggested that this code is also present in Dota 2’s files (which we haven’t verified), suggesting it could just be some kind of relic, legacy script sitting in the shadows.

On the other hand, some users believe this could be setting up to introduce Counter-Strike 2 to Valve’s Steam Deck.

It could be nothing, or it could be a direct reference to a mobile port of Counter-Strike 2. What do you think?

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