Content Warning: All Items & What They Do Guide

Utilizing the Goo Gun and other items in Content Warning.
Content Warning items can help you escape.

There are various Content Warning items that can help you when you submerge into the depths of the unknown. These items are available through the kiosk outside of your house. Some of these items are practical to keep you safe while others are strictly for entertainment.

No matter the use, nearly all of these can be utilized to gain more views and help you go viral. Prices may vary and it seems the more views you get, the more money you receive. The following guide will inform you of each item and how it can help.

Lights In The Game

Displaying the Light menu in Content Warning.

In the Lights menu of the Content Warning items, you can upgrade your dimly lit flashlight the game automatically gives you. You’ll actually have 6 choices all of which range in price.

  • Old Flashlight – $20
  • Flare to scare off certain enemies – $40
  • Modern Flashlight – $150
  • Long Flashlight – $200
  • Modern Flashlight Pro – $500
  • Long Flashlight Pro – $600

Medical Items

Displaying the Medical items menu in Content Warning.

So far there are only a couple medical items that you can purchase. Both of these can help you and your friends survive.

  • Hugger which allows you to hug a teammate to heal them – $100
  • Defibrillator will revive a downed teammate – $300

Gadget Content Warning Items

Displaying the Gadget menu in Content Warning.

The Gadgets are random Content Warning items that can help with not only your production, but also defending yourself against enemies. These items can also be used against your friends to add comedy to your footage.

  • Goo Ball to temporarily trap your enemies with – $50
  • Reporter Mic to enhance the sound – $50
  • Boom Mic will enhance sound further, footsteps, talking, et cetera – $100
  • Clapper will add to the professionalism of your footage – $100
  • Sound Player will give you various options for sound effects and could help with your views – $100
  • Shock Stick will temporarily stun your enemies or your friends – $400

Available Emotes

Displaying the Emotes menu.

There are approximately 16 emotes that can add comedic value to your videos. All of these Content Warning items will range from $10 up to $500.

  • Caring – $50
  • Ancient gestures 3 – $80
  • Ancient gestures 2 – $100
  • Applause – $100
  • Workout 1 – $100
  • Confused – $120
  • Dance 103 – $150
  • Dance 102 – $200
  • Yoga – $250
  • Dance 101 – $250
  • Backflip p1 – $300
  • Workout 2 – $350
  • Thumbnail 1 – $400
  • Gymnastics – $400
  • Thumbnail 2 – $450
  • Ancient Gestures 1 – $500

Misc Content Warning Items

Displaying the Misc menu..

Currently, there is only one miscellaneous item available for purchase. The Party Popper, which can be purchased for $5. This item can be used as a distraction to quickly escape enemies.

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