Concord Is Hosting a Pre-Launch Beta in July

concord beta

Concord was revealed in full by Firewalk Studios and PlayStation recently, with the teams showcasing a game that looks like a mix of Guardians of the Galaxy and Overwatch. This competitive shooter looks energetic enough, but there are concerns about the originality of the product. It was confirmed during the PlayStation State of Play showcase that in July, the game will enter a beta state, with pre-orders getting early access to that beta.

Board Concord

From June 6, pre-orders will open up for Concord, the first-person shooter with hero-based elements from Firewalk Studios. On the surface, it’s an attractive and intriguing enough shooter, but time will tell how much meat there is on the bones.

Here’s the game’s new trailer:

In July, Concord will open up a beta state for players to get an early taste of the game before it releases worldwide on August 23, 2024. It has been in development for some time, and there are some unique elements. For instance, it was recently mentioned that an animated series of sorts will unfold in parallel to the game, with a new ‘episode’ being released weekly to showcase the developing story behind the game.

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  1. Another L for Sony no wonder they avoided talking about this game for so long and just swept it under the rug. I guess Firewallk or Firesprite whoever this is will be next to shut down.

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