Civilization VII Banner Appears on 2K Games Website Ahead of Summer Game Fest

A Civilization VII banner has appeared on the 2K Games website ahead of its Summer Game Fest announcement.

The information that Civilization VII would be announced at Summer Game Fest was provided to content creators and media earlier this week. The website does direct users to a trailer and wishlist, which are currently not live.

In mid-May, 2K Games announced it would announce the next iteration of one of its ‘biggest and most beloved’ franchises during Summer Game Fest. Many speculated that the series could be Marfia, Bioshock, or Borderlands, but those rumors have seemingly been squashed.

In 2016, it was reported that the Civilization series had sold over 33 million copies, with over 1 billion hours played. However, more recent numbers are yet to be provided, but sales are expected to be well over 50 million.

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  1. They lied. They will reveal borderlands 4, mafia iv, 2K FIFA25, AND CIVILIZATION VII.

    Source: Trust me 🤩.

    There is already an heavy rumour that mafia iv would be revealed. Plus they already working on part 5. They doubling down on the franchise.

    There is an new leak that surprisingly is Not mentioned here. Yesterday an trusted source/leaker is cleaming that borderlands 4 would be revealed 7 June. That it actually can happen before the show. And that on the show already an gameplay demo will be shown. Still. It looks to early to me to release already an borderlands. But it would be an perfect timing in terms of the marketing with the movie.

    Bioshock would be an real shocker if they reveal that now. There is basically zero leaks about this game.

    2K already confirmed that they partnered with fifa. So this game will also be coming soon.

    And last but not least. CIVILIZATION VII. They leaked on their website by accident off course. Kuh, kuh. Marketing 101.

    I would be surprised if there is no borderlands or mafia game.

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