Check Out The Gameplay Updates In F1 23

F1 23 gameplay

After being officially revealed last week, EA Sports has released a deep dive into the gameplay updates coming to F1 23.

This year’s game features updates to physics and handling behind the wheel of your car. From the way tires grip the track to how a car feels during acceleration and braking, EA Sports is working to make F1 cars feel as authentic as possible. To achieve this, the developers at Codemasters worked with F1 teams to make racing more realistic.

Even rumble strips and curbs will feel different than F1 22.

For those who prefer to race with a controller, F1 23 introduces a new “Precision Drive” feature that brings a “more direct feel for greater accuracy with each steering input, evident in all situations from full-lock on hairpins to smaller correctional changes through sweeping corners.”

Other new features coming to F1 23 gameplay include the return of red flags, a 35% race distance, and new circuits in Las Vegas and Qatar.

F1 23 launches on June 16 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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