Entire Callisto Protocol Playthrough Leaked on Twitch

callisto protocol leaks

It has been a ‘bad-to-worse’ week for The Callisto Protocol, which has seen leak after leak bleed through online, ultimately leading to the entire game being effectively spoiled. It was revealed just hours ago that the full game has been leaked in a Twitch stream, detailing everything from the opening seconds to the final boss and closing moments of the game.

We’re just days out from the official launch of the game, which drops on December 2nd, but this is still a blow to creators Striking Distance Studios. There’s an embargo on reviews for The Callisto Protocol that’s in place until the day the game officially releases, but with these leaks, people are already making up their own minds.

At least the leaks are revealing the fact that the game looks fantastic.

Nothing More Can Be Leaked

Now that the entire game has been leaked online, no further harm can really be done, but it’s a sour situation for Striking Distance Studios. It seems that these days, nothing is safe – even the most top-tier, biggest-budget franchises are suffering from leaks.

You can watch the full gameplay playthrough The Callisto Protocol here.

It was just weeks ago that a staggering amount of GTA 6 content leaked online, and even that situation is still unraveling. Following that, Need for Speed Unbound’s story was also leaked by way of a Twitch stream.

If there’s one positive thing to take away from the Callisto Protocol leak, it’s that the game looks polished, highly enjoyable, and above all else, terrifying. In one comment posted on Reddit, a user praised the game:

Looks very solid, survival horror fans eating good.


On Twitch, streamer thaiger_gnasher_ spent approximately fifteen hours broadcasting an end-to-end stream of The Callisto Protocol, and almost twenty-four hours after his first stream went live, the VOD content remains online. It could be argued that more could be done to prevent these leaks, but there we are.

The Callisto Protocol launches in full on December 2nd, and if you’re interested, it genuinely looks like a fantastic, horror-riddled experience.

  1. Пиздец… люди так старались для этой игры, а вы ее взяли слили.

  2. What do they expect to happen when stores are selling the physical copy of the game ahead of time! The same thing happened with God of war ragnarok! I think what people are more upset about is the fact that some are getting to play it early. Not the fact that we can get online and watch it ahead of time!

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