Bungie Working On “Unannounced Projects” With Sony

Bungie Games
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While it continues work on support and future content for Destiny 2, Bungie isn’t just putting all of its eggs in one basket. In a post on Twitter, Bungie creative lead Tom Farnsworth said that the studio is working with Sony on “a number of unannounced projects”.

During his Twitter thread talking about his 11-year career at Bungie, Farnsworth said that the company has also “completely changed” how it develops games. Over the years, he says, Bungie has gone from “strictly boxed products to live service games”.

Aside from the tease by Farnsworth, no other clues were given on what those Bungie projects could be.

One of them is likely the new IP that Bungie had planned to launch by 2025. It was also mentioned during an early 2022 earnings call that Sony was working with Bungie on 10 live service games. All of those games, according to that call, were slated for release by March 2026.

Another game that we know Bungie is working on, thus not likely included in Farnsworth’s tease, is the mobile Destiny title. That title is being co-developed by Bungie and Chinese-based NetEase. The game is expected to utilize the same Tiger engine that Destiny 2 uses, and will remain a first-person shooter.

Bungie was acquired by Sony in June 2022 for $3.6 billion. The move seemed to be in response to Microsoft’s announcement of its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a deal that is still under heavy scrutiny.

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