RAID: Shadow Legends Campaigns

The campaign is the single-player portion of this game, and it unravels as you get further into your adventure.

It’s where heroes are made and Champions are built.

In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know to succeed in RAID: Shadow Legends campaigns.

What are RAID: Shadow Legends campaigns?

RAID: Shadow Legends campaigns are built around a series of stages that take players across the in-game map of Telaria.

There are twelve campaign locations, with each one getting progressively more difficult as time goes on.

Players can ‘loop’ campaign locations to earn extra difficulty levels and more rewards. This presents a fantastic opportunity to farm resources over time.

In each stage, players are tasked with assembling a team of Champions that will then take on a range of enemies.

That’s the core gameplay loop of the campaigns found in RAID, but there are a lot of nuances to take into consideration.

For instance, different Champion combinations will be needed on certain campaign levels as enemies and monsters evolve, taking on certain attributes, strengths, and weaknesses.

What are gears in campaigns?

One of the main reasons players should loop through the campaigns is to earn gear sets, otherwise known as ‘gear’ or ‘artefacts’.

They are the items and equipment that you will use to bolster your Champions.

This gives them the armour and weapons that they need to succeed in each successive campaign round.

There is a huge and diverse assortment of gears to be unlocked, and the collection spans a series of tiers.

These include;

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

By the time the campaign has been completed, players will have amassed a fair collection of gears – or artefacts.

It’s mostly a randomised unlock process, which means that ‘grinding’ or ‘looping’ the campaign is advised.

You will come to learn as you explore the game that it is really the ‘quality’ or tier of the gears that matter most.

What gears are dropped in each campaign chapter?

Campaign ChapterGear Set
Kaerok CastleLife Set
Sewers of ArnocOffense Set
Catacombs of NarbukDefense Set
Durham ForestCrit Set
Felwin’s GateAccuracy Set
Palace of AraviaSpeed Set
TilshireResist Set
Valdemar StraitLifesteal Set
The DeadlandsDestroy Set
Godfrey’s CrossingRetaliation Set
Hallowed HallsFury Set
Brimstone PathCuring Set

What rewards can be won from campaigns?

There are three core sets of rewards that players earn from RAID: Shadow Legends campaigns.

Silver is one of the game’s core currencies and arguably the most important reward you’ll pick up as you navigate the list of campaigns.

If you are hungry for more Silver, grinding the campaign is a great way to farm it.

Next, there are experience points, otherwise known as ‘XP’.

With experience points, you will level up your Champions, making them stronger, faster, and more capable.

That’s the most fundamental point of the game, and as you work through the campaigns, you’ll progressively earn more XP.

This does come at a cost, as the later stages of the game get intensely difficult.

Finally, there are artefacts – or ‘gears’.

If you’re trying to build full sets – and there are plenty – then you can grind the campaign, unlocking every stage and all the sub-stages.

These are defined by the increasing difficulty level in the game.

One of the best ways to unlock gear sets in RAID is to progress through the campaigns.

How can I farm RAID: Shadow Legends campaigns?

From the most inexperienced players to the veteran competitors, everyone wants to farm RAID: Shadow Legends to unlock crucial gear, Silver, and experience points.

It’s all about building the best squad of Champions imaginable.

That can only happen when you’ve got these three resources in abundance.

To that end, there are different strategies you can take advantage of to farm each individual asset or resource type.

Completing the campaign stages will land you gems, currencies, crafting and energy resources, and artefacts. So, how can you grind and effectively manipulate the game to maximise your return?


Silver is always needed to succeed in this game, that’s why it’s one of the first things every player should be trying to farm.

One of the easiest ways to farm Silver is to repeat the Spider’s Den Dungeon, taking out the Spider Boss over and over again to scoop up plenty of Silver.

That’s a little different to the campaign, though.

If you’re going to use just the campaigns to farm Silver, the most effective way to secure as much currency as possible is to simply play the game.

As you climb through the various stages, you’ll acquire more Silver. Repeating campaign stages will net you even more.


It’s easy to use the campaigns to farm XP. It’s a matter of simply playing the game and working through each chapter to the maximum level.

This involves hitting the stages at their toughest difficulty level.

It can be a fairly huge task for inexperienced players, but the XP gains will be monumental.

There are not really any strategies for grinding XP in the RAID campaigns – it’s just a case of playing through the game, ticking every box and completing stages in full.


When you complete a stage, you’ll be rewarded a series of artefacts that are tied to certain sets.

What’s not set in stone is the quality level of the artefacts you’ll unlock.

You can just as easily unlock something common as you can get something that’s legendary.

That’s one of the main reasons that players grind the campaigns – it’s the best way to unlock gears and artefacts.

Typically, RAID’s dungeons offer better-quality gear.

However, for establishing complete gear sets as fast as possible, nothing beats grinding the campaigns.

What are the key tips for progressing through RAID: Shadow Legends campaigns?

RAID is all about Champions and their builds, and that’s where the key tips and strategies start to surface for campaigns.

When you’re assembling your squad, you’ll quickly come to learn that every chapter – or stage – has different enemies with varying attributes.

There are certain elemental effects, affinity boosts, and makeups that you’ll want to hit with your team structure.

It’s a solid idea to work out how you’re going to play the game and build your team accordingly.

For instance, if you want to prioritise attack power, then have Attacker-based Champions on your team, and equip them with ATK or Crit-focused gear sets.

If you’re going into the RAID: Shadow Legends campaigns to farm, one of the best key tips is to follow the ‘fodder/food’ style of play.

That’s where you have one strong Champion and a series of weaker, less important Champions to soak up the damage and take the punishment dealt by enemies.

It might sound obvious, but a solid tip is to just not give up when playing the campaign.

It’s designed to present a progressive challenge, so once you’ve completed a chapter at a particular difficulty level, you’ll find yourself moving on to a tougher version of the same chapter.

You’ll need to evolve accordingly and not be disheartened when you realise how tough the game quickly becomes.

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