RAID: Shadow Legends Dungeons

Dungeons offer players a challenging gameplay loop that comes with plenty of rewards.

They are tougher to combat than campaign missions, and where some of the most complex boss characters will surface.

Here, we will guide you through all you need to know about RAID: Shadow Legends dungeons, including the strategies you will need to overcome them.

What are RAID: Shadow Legends dungeons?

Dungeons are special locations that house terrifying boss characters and hordes of minions.

They are intense and challenging side missions that players can loop to soak up plenty of rewards, such as artefacts, Silver, and XP.

In Dungeons, you will come up against the most fearsome enemies, ranging from ethereal samurai warriors to dragons.

There are plenty of strategies to follow when tackling each unique boss in the Dungeons.

In some cases, players will stumble across bosses that have special attributes. These make them resistant to some forms of damage and weaker to others.

This makes assembling a team of Champions to take on a particular dungeon a tactical process.

What types of dungeons are available to play in RAID: Shadow Legends?

Dungeons, otherwise known as ‘Keeps’, are tied to RAID’s ‘affinity’ mechanics.

The types of dungeons that connect to the game’s affinity model include;

  • Arcane Keep
  • Spirit Keep
  • Magic Keep
  • Force Keep
  • Void Keep

This is where your strategizing will begin.

The affinity of the dungeon you are tackling helps to determine what Champions you should send into the fight.

It isnot all plain sailing, though.

The Void affinity has no specific weaknesses or strengths. Therefore, it is tough to get an advantage there, for example.

Hellrazor, The Dragon

In the Dragon’s Lair, players will find Hellrazor.

He is a terrifying dragon enemy with a taste for fine armour and artefacts.

Hellrazor is one of the best dungeon bosses in RAID to farm certain advantageous sets. This includes the Lifesteal set.

Many players take it upon themselves to fight Hellrazor over and over again.

Strategies for overcoming The Dragon

This is one of the first dungeons that players will tackle, meaning it is slightly easier to get to grips with.

Firstly, you will need to take on The Dragon’s minions.

Once you have taken into account the affinity of the stage you’re playing, you will want to build a team featuring certain Champions. These should boast Decrease Attack and Crowd Control abilities.

Once The Dragon surfaces, I advise you to focus on Poison abilities. This is a solid rule of thumb for most boss characters in RAID.

If you’ve picked a good team with these abilities, you can cancel out some of The Dragon’s more impactful attacks. However, speed is of the essence.

As The Dragon is immune to speed debuffs, you must concentrate on Decrease Attack for a while. This will reduce his damage output.

It is the only way you can limit his attack strength as you cannot do anything about his attack cadence.

Klyssus, The Ice Golem

Heading to Ice Golem’s Peak, players will find themselves coming face to face with Klyssus, a mountaintop boss with fearsome ice powers.

There are substantial rewards to be gained from defeating Klyssus.

These include artefacts that can’t be gained elsewhere.

Klyssus is flanked by two allies. This can make taking him down a tougher affair, but there are still some key strategies to follow to ensure success.

Strategies for overcoming The Ice Golem

Like other bosses, you will want to use Decrease Attack and Crowd Control champions in the opening rounds, pushing through the first two waves to get through to The Ice Golem.

Once you are in front of The Ice Golem, you will need to take care to avoid applying too much direct damage.

That is because Klyssus has a unique ability that is triggered by a large reduction in health.

To that end, using something like poison is a solid suggestion, as it avoids triggering the ability.

To take down Klyssus and his minions, use Champions with ‘Area of Effect’ abilities focused on Decrease Attack skills.

This will slow down Klyssus’ major power output, whilst also tempering his minions.

In my experience, eliminating or severely weakening the minions is of the utmost importance. This is because they will apply pesky debuffs that will bring your Champions to their knees.

It’s a good idea to use a Block Revive Champion. This will ensure that the minions can’t be brought back to life once they have been slain.

Skavag, The Spider Queen

Skavag, otherwise known as ‘The Spider Boss’, is a formidable enemy but one that players relish fighting time and again.

In The Spider’s Den, players can soak up immense rewards. From stage ten onwards, defeating Skavag will yield some of the best gear in the game.

There are strategies that can be used to solo the Spider’s Den, and it’s arguably one of the most prolific RAID: Shadow Legends dungeons.

Strategies for overcoming The Spider Queen

Skavag constantly spawns ‘spiderlings’. These will appear every time you take a turn – but there are six waiting for you when the battle commences.

It’s best to go into this fight with a Decrease Defence Champion paired with area-of-effect fighters.

Their ability to strike multiple enemies at once will help to control the crowd of spiderlings.

Taking a healer into The Spider’s Den is also important.

Fyro, The Fire Knight

As you enter The Fire Knight’s Castle, you’ll need to steel yourself.

This is widely considered the toughest of dungeon in the entire game.

Here, you will be cutting down minions and taking on Fyro.

Fyro boasts a stalwart shield that makes damaging him a nightmare.

Strategies for overcoming The Fire Knight

Fyro is so tough that it’s almost impossible to solo him. Therefore, you will need to equip some powerful Champions to take him down.

You will need to focus on multi-hit Champions that can damage Fyro’s shield quickly enough to knock it out of the way.

This dungeon is all about speed and attacking as rapidly as possible with successive attacks.

Unfortunately, as the stages progress, you’ll find that Fyro becomes so tough he’ll seem unbeatable – so be prepared.


The Minotaur is a creature of legend, and in RAID, it makes up one of the toughest bosses you’ll fight.

There are two waves of enemies to dispatch before you’ll get to face off against the Minotaur.

Be careful, as the creature boasts a dangerous rage buff that will slam your team for high hit points.

Strategies for overcoming the Minotaur

Taking out the first two waves of enemies in this dungeon isn’t too hard, provided you’ve got Crowd Control-focused Champions on your squad.

When the Minotaur arrives, it’s all hands on deck for the key strategy.

There is a flaw in his fighting style that leaves him open to huge damage potential every third turn. With that in mind, save your most powerful attacks until then.

Once you have out-scaled him and maxed out the dungeon, you will have no issues taking him out.

The Demon Lord

The Demon Lord is one of the ‘Clan Bosses’.

That means that he’s a big, nasty enemy that players will need to fight as a group.

He is accessible through joining a clan in-game, and he’s one of the most capable enemies.

This fight is all about bringing multi-skilled Champions to the fight. There are several roles that will need filling in this battle.

Strategies for overcoming The Demon Lord

Firstly, you will need Champions that are fast. The Demon Lord boasts a speed rating of 190, so you will need to keep up.

As he is overwhelmingly powerful, you must equip Champions with a Leech Debuff or the Lifesteal set to boost healing mechanics.

Decrease Attack debuffs will also restrict The Demon Lord’s damage a little.

Before you fight The Demon Lord, make sure you’ve levelled up your Champions and maxed out their masteries. This is particularly pertinent for those focusing on Poison-based attacks.

This will be paramount to your success against The Demon Lord.

The Hydra

The Hydra is a multi-headed beast with an impressive catalogue of attacks, which can make it seem like a daunting fight at first.

This is another Clan Boss, but it’s newer than The Demon Lord. Players are still debating the best way to take it down.

In this fight, you will feel like you are fighting multiple enemies. This is because the Hydra’s heads all boast unique abilities and attacks.

Strategies for overcoming the Hydra

When the fight opens up, four of the six Hydra heads will be visible and ripe for attacking.

They are constantly changing. Each month, the affinities of the heads will rotate.

This make it hard to nail down a solid strategy.

It will all come down to having the right affinities in your team to counter the Hydra.

This will involve working on dealing damage and cutting off each head to restrict the Hydra’s attack potential.

The Doom Tower

If you’ve made it to The Doom Tower, you are in for a very tough time.

This construct is considered some of the most challenging content in RAID. It will require players to ascend a tower with 120 floors, eliminating all manner of enemies on the way up.

There are eight bosses in The Doom Tower, each of which has unique abilities and buffs.

This is a tough one to prepare for.

Strategies for overcoming The Doom Tower

Each of the 120 floors in The Doom Tower will have three waves of enemies to defeat. This makes for a regular fight, even if enemies in the Tower are a little tougher.

As you climb the tower, you will face off against eight bosses. They are already represented in the guides on this page.

One of the best strategies for The Doom Tower is to temper your expectations.

This is not something you can rush through. Completing the Tower from top to bottom will take as long as two weeks in real-time.

The Iron Twins

The Iron Twins are a tricky duo to take down.

However, with the right strategy, defeating them becomes a walk in the park.

Unfortunately, The Iron Twins are immune to abilities like Turn Meter Reduction and Crowd Control.

Despite there being more than one enemy, you can’t necessarily slow them down or focus on them both at the same time.

Strategies for overcoming The Iron Twins

Like other bosses in RAID, The Iron Twins will have their affinities rotate every day. This make them harder to counter.

It is generally good advice to take your most powerful Champions into this fight, focusing on high damage attacks to suffocate the Twins.

This needs to be done before they can do too much to weaken your squad.

There is a special recommendation reserved for High Resistance Champions that can block a lot of the impact of active effects.

Al-Naemeh, The Sand Devil

Al-Naemeh is a necessary evil, as upon defeating him, players will secure Oil.

Oila sought-after resource in this game.

Unfortunately, Al-Naemeh boasts a wide library of abilities that can make him a nightmare to take down, particularly on the harder difficulty level.

Strategies for overcoming The Sand Devil

Al-Naemeh has a stack of abilities up his sleeve, including passives, nuke-level attacks, debuffs, and active damage attacks.

There is one weakness that you can exploit, and that’s his weakness to Sleep debuffs. Bring a Champion who can apply them.

This will restrict his larger, more impactful attacks.

It’s a great idea to bring a healer, too. The Sand Devil’s attacks will overwhelm you otherwise.

Elsewhere, focus on Champions with high speed ratings to deal attacks in quicker succession.

Akumori, The Phantom Shogun

The Phantom Shogun is considered an ‘endgame’ boss.

He is the final enemy you’ll confront as you make your way through RAID: Shadow Legends dungeons.

That also means that Akumori, The Phantom Shogun, is a drastically tough enemy with immense abilities.

Strategies for overcoming The Phantom Shogun

Akumori’s Shade Counter ability is where the issues lie in this fight.

He will earn immunities over time as the Shade Counter stacks, so you’ll need to tailor your attacks to accommodate that.

At the maximum level of Shade Counter, Akumori will be immune to poison, HP burn, smite, max HP skill, all effects and masteries. He will also ignore all defence stats when he attacks.

There’s one trick to counter the counter, though.

Use Champions that are Awakened.

Fortunately, this is a ‘one-and-done’ dungeon, so there are no minions or enemy waves to worry about.

Consider flexing Taunt buffs, debuff cleanse abilities, and high-damage dealing Champions to take care of Akumori as quickly as possible.

What are hard mode Dungeons?

As the name suggests, hard mode dungeons are tougher representations of the ‘standard’ dungeons you’ll likely start with.

They are ‘supercharged’ versions of the regular dungeons that offer unreal challenges.

Certain bosses will be converted to a ‘Tainted’ variant that has an even more impossible set of abilities to overcome.

Of course, that means that the rewards for beating a hard mode dungeon are much more substantial.

Tainted Hellrazor

Hellrazor’s tainted version boasts immense poison abilities. This mean he’ll leech way more damage over time.

A Champion who can counter that will provide a much-needed weak spot for Tainted Hellrazor.

He’ll get stronger as the fight goes on, making him tough to take down.

Tainted Klyssus

The Ice Golem enters the hard mode RAID: Shadow Legends dungeon with a solid immunity to poisons, and a boost in his frost-based attacks.

It will be necessary to fight ice with fire in this hard mode dungeon, especially against Tainted Klyssus’ minions.

Tainted Fyro

As if Fyro wasn’t tough enough to begin with, he has a hard mode just waiting to crush your spirits.

In the hard mode dungeon, Fyro’s shield becomes near impenetrable. Only Freeze-based attacks will have any impact on his defensive capabilities.

Tainted Skavag

The tactics used to take down Skavag in The Spider’s Den need to be altered here, as the spider’s weaknesses can no longer be exploited.

She’s a tough nut to crack, and her spiderlings are also boosted, providing healing buffs to their queen based on the type of damage you deal.

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