RAID: Shadow Legends Strategies

RAID: Shadow Legends is one of the most popular free-to-play games in the world, boasting millions of players all enthralled by everything it has to offer.

In this guide, we will break down the best RAID: Shadow Legends strategies, from beginner tips to the advanced tactics for defeating clan bosses.

What are the best general strategies for beginners to follow in RAID: Shadow Legends?

If you have just picked up RAID: Shadow Legends and are not sure where to begin, it can seem a little daunting.

Employing the following tactics are a solid place to start;

Take advantage of the boosts

Early on, you will want to start soaking up the player benefits.

There are ways you can earn extra boosts, bonuses, and resources in-game simply by ticking a box or two.

Firstly, you can link an Amazon Prime account to your RAID: Shadow Legends profile. This will allow you to periodically earn rewards that wil boost your experience.

There are also daily login bonuses that you can collect simply for opening the game once per day.

These will reward you with everything from in-game currency and gems to XP boosts and even Champions.

Pick the right starter

When you start playing RAID, you will be prompted to choose a starter Champion.

There are four options – Elhain, Kael, Galek, and Athel.

There is not too much to worry about at this stage, as all four of these Champions can be earned throughout the game. Although, there is something special about picking the best starter right off the bat.

To that end, most veteran players will advise you to go for Kael, a Champion that can be utilised until far into the game. This is provided that he is upgraded accordingly.

The choice is ultimately yours, but Kael offers some key advantages – such as poison abilities – that are helpful for dealing with certain bosses.

Don’t go alone

This is a hybrid game, meaning there are both single-player and multiplayer modes available.

With that in mind, I have found investing early in the community to be a solid RAID: Shadow Legends strategy.

Find a Clan that you like the look of and get involved, make friends and embark on adventures together.

It will take a well-oiled team to take down some of the game’s tougher Clan Bosses. That’s where joining a fight with known companions by your side makes all the difference.

There is an in-game chat function, but some of the biggest Clans offer Discord servers. You can use this to build connections with your fellow players.

Learn through the campaign

When I was new to RAID, I avoided trying to dive into the game’s dungeons right from the start.

This was because I would not even understand the game’s core concepts, or be powerful enough to handle what was waiting for me.

My advice is to take the time to drive through RAID’s campaign, learning the game’s base mechanics and levelling up your Champions.

This is a better approach to take before you take a leap head first into the Dungeons.

There are a lot of rewards waiting for you, but you will not reach them if you are not ready. That is a mistake that many beginners make.

Grind, grind, grind

It might not sound appealing at first, but as this is an RPG, it’s made for that ‘grind’ style of gameplay.

For newcomers, that might sound laborious, but it’s not.

Once you start getting deeper into RAID and appreciating the gameplay loop, you will barely notice the grind. You will be soaking up the benefits of putting in the effort.

That means that you will be ticking off daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, looping the campaign, diving deep into the Dungeons, fighting Clan Bosses, and hunting for resources.

It’s all about consistency. RAID is not the type of game you can play once or twice here and there and hope to get anywhere.

What are the best team-building strategies to follow in RAID?

For a newcomer, it is not immediately clear how broad RAID is.

There are more than 600 Champions to unlock, level up, and discover. Many of them are unique and offer some serious advantages over others.

That can mean that building a team is the toughest thing you will do. Only the most efficient, effective team will score big when it comes to hunting the game’s best loot.

Building the best team in RAID: Shadow Legends is a metagame in itself.

You will need to consider the balancing of roles, the affinity between team members, the overall synergy of the squad.

As well as this, you must consider the skills that are needed to complete a certain objective or eliminate a particular boss.

Firstly, you will want to respect the roles.

That means you should avoid leaning too heavily into one angle – having too many attacking Champions, for example.

It is one of the most common RAID: Shadow Legends strategies to take into battle an HP-based Champion . This will help to keep your team in top shape.

If you find yourself taking a lot of damage, I typically switch up the strategy and equip a defence-focused Champion.

I advise you to keep an eye on the overall synergy of your team. Identify the various affinities that will unfold as you build your dream unit.

Most players will stress that ‘Void’ is the best affinity to work with, but there are three others to consider. These are Magic, Spirit, and Force.

In terms of synergy, you will need to look at your Champions and their skills. From there, you can determine which will work best alongside one another.

What are the best strategies for managing resources in RAID: Shadow Legends?

There are not many resources to worry about in RAID . The big focus here is on building a team and succeeding in battle.

To that end, some of the ‘Limited Resources’ you will want to manage effectively are as follows;

  • Silver
  • Energy
  • Gems
  • Keys

There are other resources, such as Tomes, Fragments, and other materials that you can use in the game’s Forge.

One of the best RAID: Shadow Legends strategies is to manage your Energy as tightly as possible, using boosts to keep it ‘overcharged’ as much as you can.

It will accrue naturally as you use it. However, using Energy Refills and other boosts will push you beyond the maximum limit.

One of the main reasons players will save up their resources – such as Energy – is to complete Fusions.

This is where you will combine multiple Champions to forge a new, more powerful Champion.

By doing so, you are recycling the fighters you are not using and making something that you’re more likely to take advantage of.

That is where you will want to use most of your resources when playing RAID.

Be careful when using certain ‘Skill Tomes’, too.

These are skill books that you can use to upgrade Champions. The trick is to use Tomes that match the rarity level of the Champion you’re trying to level up.

If you have a Legendary Skill Tome, use it to upgrade only a Legendary Champion.

What RAID: Shadow Legends campaign strategies should I follow?

For many, diving into the RAID campaign and farming drops is more efficient than looping through the game’s Dungeons.

That is one of the best campaign strategies you can bear in mind.

If you are hurting for gear, push through the campaign – which can be repeated – and secure higher drops rate the further you get.

Eventually, you’ll be running with better chances of getting higher-level Champion drops along with pieces of gear sets.

There are 12 chapters in RAID, and each chapter has seven stages. The game becoming progressively tougher as you push on.

Therefore, you’ll need to match your capabilities with the difficulty level you are facing.

Earlier, we mentioned strategies around building the best team. This is where those elements will mostly come into play.

There is an extra nuance to bear in mind, though.

If you are grinding the campaign and trying to level up a specific Champion, you will want to learn how to make use of ‘Fodders’ or ‘Food Champions’.

These are Champions that are second-rate. They are the lower-level characters that you don’t really care about.

I would advise that you loop the campaign with different Champions to level up a set that you can confidently take into a Dungeon.

It is also how you will earn more sets and gear. You can work your way up to the toughest levels of the Brimstone Path to unlock the best drops.

What are the best Arena strategies to follow?

If you’re hungry to soak up everything RAID: Shadow Legends has to offer, you will quickly find yourself coming face to face with the Arena.

This is where you will pit your toughest Champions against other teams, fighting to climb a leaderboard and earn exclusive rewards.

It’s not an easy thing to do.That is where these key strategies will come in handy.

Firstly, you will want to get a little ways through the campaign before you dive into the Arena.

This will allow you to unlock more gear that might be better than the gear you’re given when you first enter the Arena.

To be as effective a team as possible, you will want to link Champions with gear that boosts their natural abilities.

For instance, if you have an Attacker, give them gear to boost their Crit Chance, ATK stat, or Speed rating.

Earlier, we mentioned ‘team Affinity’. That applies in the Arena as much as it does anywhere else.

It’s generally a solid idea to lean towards Void Champions when it comes to Affinity. This offers no real advantages or disadvantages in battle and is perfect for those less experienced in the Arena.

Be aware of the fact that you can switch Champions as needed midway through the fight. Try to see what your enemy is using and line up your squad to combat their Affinity.

Arena veterans will vouch for speed over almost everything else – so bear that in mind when fighting a capable competitor.

Sometimes, getting the turns in faster – even if you’re landing less effective hits – can make all the difference.

One key way to achieve speed is to equip ‘speed boots’ on all your Champions in the Arena.

What are the best strategies for defeating the Clan Boss in RAID: Shadow Legends?

In RAID, you will almost certainly wind up joining a Clan.

That will allow you to come face-to-face with challenging, threatening Clan Bosses.

They are the sources of some of the best loot drops, but it will take a lot to bring them down.

As you can imagine, they are exclusively available to users playing as part of a Clan. Once a day, those members will be able to unite and clash with the Clan Boss.

The difficulty level scales all the way up to ‘Ultra Nightmare’.

Early on, you will do the most damage against the Clan Boss – which starts with the Void Affinity – by using poison debuffs. That’s where Kael comes in handy.

Every member of the Clan must fight effectively enough to reduce the Clan Boss to 1% of its overall health.

At this point, every Clan member who landed a strike will get a proportionate reward.

Here are some core strategies you can use to successfully defeat the Clan Boss in RAID: Shadow Legends:

  • Use Champions that have abilities, buffs, and roles like Counter Attack, Poison, Leech, and Increase Defence
  • Equip your Champions with Lifesteal sets to heal while being damaged by the Clan Boss
  • On tougher difficulty ratings, use speed-focused sets to take the Clan Boss down much faster
  • Join a solid Clan that actively takes part in Clan Boss fights, giving you a better chance at landing top-tier rewards

What are the best artefact strategies to follow?

As you navigate the campaign, the Dungeons, and the Market in RAID, you will naturally come across a range of artefacts.

These are effectively gear items, and they are broken down into a series of these categories;

  • Weapons
  • Shields
  • Gauntlets
  • Chest Plates
  • Boots
  • Helmets

These are everything you need for your Champion to be well-protected and lethal in a battle.

Each artefact boasts unique attributes that boost your Champion’s stats accordingly.

When a full set is equipped, a Champion will receive further buffs and bonuses.

This means it is a great idea to hunt down full sets either through completing the campaign, playing in the Dungeons, or buying sets in the Market.

That’s an artefact strategy right there.

When buying artefacts in the market, keep your eye open for higher-tier items that might otherwise only be discoverable in the toughest Dungeons and campaign missions.

This includes Epic, Legendary, and Mythical sets.

Bear in mind that to soak up the full benefits of a piece of gear, you will need to align it with the set.

So, if you like how one artefact works, hold onto it until you have the full set.

It is also a top tip to manage your repository of artefacts effectively according to your Champions.

Don’t equip them with sets that do not match their abilities. If you’ve got an HP-based Champion, giving them a set that boosts their ATK rating is almost pointless.

RAID: Shadow Legends is easy to start playing but difficult to master, and that’s where these strategies come into play.

There’s a lot more to learn under the surface, but for the most part, it comes with time and experience.

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