Best Final Fantasy Spinoffs

There are 16 main-line Final Fantasy games, which sounds like a lot until you realize there are over 30 Final Fantasy games including spinoffs. They exist in many shapes and forms from the main staples of the Final Fantasy franchise that share the same style as the main line entries, to mobile cash grabs that try to hide behind a beloved franchise’s name. If you want to know which ones are worth playing, then look no further as we dive into some of the best Final Fantasy Spinoffs.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

This action-packed title takes players on a thrilling journey filled with intense combat and a fresh perspective on the Final Fantasy universe. With a departure from the main series’ traditional RPG elements, “Stranger of Paradise” introduces a dynamic combat system and a darker narrative tone. Think Dark Souls style combat with a Final Fantasy setting. The game can be unforgiving, staying true to the genre, but if you like Dark Souls combat and Final Fantasy storylines then this is a no-brainer for you.

World of Final Fantasy

Don’t let its cute visuals fool you, this is a straight-up Final Fantasy game. What sets “World of Final Fantasy” apart is its unique approach to gameplay, combining classic turn-based combat with an innovative monster-collecting mechanic reminiscent of other popular franchises. The game’s adorable chibi-style character designs, featuring iconic Final Fantasy creatures, add a touch of cuteness to the overall experience. With its engaging storytelling, strategic battles, and a vast array of familiar faces from the Final Fantasy universe, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Originally released for the Nintendo GameCube, this action RPG set itself apart by emphasizing cooperative gameplay and fostering synergy among players. What makes this spinoff stand out is its multiplayer mode, where friends could connect their Game Boy Advances to the console, each controlling their character independently. The captivating blend of real-time combat, puzzle-solving, and the need for teamwork created an immersive and memorable experience.

Crisis Core

Released originally for the PlayStation Portable, this action RPG takes center stage in the expansive Final Fantasy VII universe, offering fans a deeper understanding of the events leading up to the main game. The game combines intense real-time combat with a compelling narrative, offering players a fresh perspective on the unfolding drama.

The innovative Digital Mind Wave (DMW) system adds an element of unpredictability to battles in the form of a slot machine, providing bonuses and triggering special events. The game’s stunning visuals and seamless integration with the broader narrative make it a must-play for fans wanting to unravel the mysteries of the Final Fantasy VII saga.


Have you ever wondered if Cloud could beat Tidus? Could Squall take down Zidane? Wonder no longer because in Dissidia Final Fantasy, you can use a massive roster spanning over almost every entry in the franchise. In an attempt to be an action fighting game, the game’s combat system combines strategy with action, allowing players to unleash powerful attacks to turn the tide of battle. The game’s character customization, abundance of unlockables, and online multiplayer options contribute to its replayability, making it well worth checking out.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Originally released for the Sony PlayStation, this tactical RPG takes a departure from the main series’ traditional gameplay, immersing players in a rich narrative set in the war-torn land of Ivalice. What sets this spinoff apart is its emphasis on strategic thinking and character development. The depth of the narrative, coupled with the challenging battles and memorable soundtrack, creates an immersive experience that has garnered a dedicated fanbase.

Final Fantasy Tactics stands as a testament to the franchise’s versatility, demonstrating its ability to excel in diverse gaming genres while maintaining the core elements that make Final Fantasy an enduring and beloved series. There are many more Final Fantasy Spinoffs to check out, do you think any should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!