Best Final Fantasy on Each Playstation System

From the classic days of the original PlayStation 1 to the cutting-edge experiences on the PlayStation 5, the Final Fantasy series has been a mainstay in the PlayStation games’ top lineups every generation. Though many may disagree about which game is most popular for each console, some consoles have far more to choose from than others… (Lookin’ at you PS3.) There is still a clear choice for each generation, and today we’re going to talk about them!

Final Fantasy VII – Playstation 1


Starting strong for our first entry, we have Final Fantasy VII. Most fans of Final Fantasy will point to VII as their favorite of all time. Though VIII & IX were both solid contenders for the new age of 3D Final Fantasy, VII is hands down the most popular of the three. The game’s popularity led to the development of a highly anticipated and well-received remake. Final Fantasy VII is not only the best Final Fantasy on the PlayStation 1, but quite possibly of all time.

Final Fantasy X – PlayStation 2

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FFX was a milestone for the franchise, introducing fully 3D environments and voice acting, particularly impressive in its groundbreaking pre-rendered cinematics. The introduction of the Conditional Turn-Based Battle (CTB) system added tactical depth to the combat, while the Sphere Grid system allowed for unique character progression and customization. Overall Final Fantasy X is a fantastic entry and deserves the title of best Final Fantasy on the PS2.

Final Fantasy XIV – Playstation 3


Like it or not, Final Fantasy XIV is a main line entry… and an incredible game. Some people are die-hard XIII fans, which I don’t quite understand, but hear me out. Just based on the sheer staying power of XIV makes it a juggernaut in its own right. Final Fantasy XIV initially faced a troubled launch in 2010, prompting Square Enix to take the unprecedented step of scrapping the original version and rebuilding the game from the ground up. The result was Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which successfully redeemed the title and to this day has an average daily player count of over a million. XIII didn’t stand a chance, which I know will upset some of you. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am in the comments!

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Playstation 4


By reintroducing the classic narrative to a new age of gamers, the enduring impact of iconic characters like Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart is set to leave a lasting impression on multiple generations. Once beloved by players who experienced the original release, these characters continue to captivate and resonate with a fresh audience, ensuring their significance transcends the boundaries of gaming eras. The first installment of a planned trilogy, FFVII Remake seamlessly integrates fresh narratives into the familiar tale while staying true to the original.

Final Fantasy XVI – Playstation 5 (So far)

Fans are divided on this one, some even considering Final Fantasy XVI to not be an RPG. XVI focuses on action, with quick combat using different abilities seamlessly to take down your foes. The Eikons, or summons, in this game are unreal. Kaiju-sized Ifrit and Giant space-dragon Bahamut will make your jaw drop as you fly around and fight as the Eikons. Unlike other Final Fantasy titles, you have full control over your Eikon at certain points in the game, leading to some of the most impressive visuals the PS5 offers. Do you disagree with this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!