Star Wars Outlaws: Everything we know about Star Wars Outlaws

If you are a fan of the Star Wars universe, then you have probably heard of the new Star Wars Outlaws game set to release in 2024. This title will allow players to play as bandits that are similar to the infamous Han Solo, surfing across the galaxy.

But just how much do we actually know about Star Wars Outlaws?

When Will Star Wars Outlaws Release?

As of now, the Star Wars Outlaws release date is TBD, but we do know that it is projected to release in late 2024. Right before the holidays always seems to be a popular release time for games, so players can probably expect the game to drop anywhere between September and December.

Obviously, this is just speculation, and we could be wrong. We will update this article as soon as we are given an exact release date.

What Platforms Will Star Wars Outlaws be Playable on?

Announced on the game’s official website, Star Wars Outlaws will be playable on Xbox, PlayStation (PS5) and PC via Ubisoft Connect. The game is already presumed to be massive, as players will be able to explore a large portion of the galaxy.

The game requires some of the later hardware to be played at the highest graphics. Luckily, the PS5 and Xbox Series X will easily be able to support the game, but PC players may have to lower graphics depending on the type of hardware they have.

As of now, though, no information on what hardware is recommended to play the game has been released.

Will Star Wars Outlaws be Available on iOS or Nintendo Switch?

At the moment, there are no signs pointing to the game being released on either iOS or the Nintendo Switch. However, there are rumors that the Nintendo Switch 2 (name pending) will be released later in 2024, so if the hardware is strong enough, we could see Star Wars Outlaws come to Nintendo.

Will Star Wars Outlaws be Open-World?

One fact that many may be surprised to know is that Star Wars has never had an open-world game. The majority of Star Wars titles are either linear-based storylines or multiplayer (like games such as Battlefront).

Star Wars Outlaws, though, is prepared to push those boundaries.

Star Wars Outlaws is the franchise’s first open-world adventure. Yep, that is right. Players will literally be able to soar around the galaxy, exploring different planets and more.

Will every planet within the Star Wars universe be explorable? This is unknown, but it is rumored that a great majority of the famous planets will be explorable to an extent.

Does the Storyline Take Place During the Skywalker Series?

Another fact that fans will be excited to know is the game will take place during the Imperial Era, which is during the time of the original trilogy. The Empire will have taken over the galaxy, and being the outlaw that you are, it will be imperative to try and avoid them or fight against them.

The actual storyline of the game will be completely new, and the amount in which it intertwines with the actual original series is unknown. There may be some cameos of famous characters, and there may not.

The game will follow a female protagonist who is also a well-versed pilot as she completes various missions across the galaxy while also being the galaxy’s most wanted. The game already seems full of unique and fun opportunities.

Stay tuned to Insider Gaming for more information on Star Wars Outlaws.