Star Wars Outlaws’ Planets Are All Handcrafted

star wars outlaws release

Starfield isn’t the only epic space-faring blockbuster on the horizon – gamers the world over are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of Star Wars Outlaws. Ubisoft officially lifted the lid on Outlaws just weeks ago, revealing the open-world Star Wars game that many had been talking about in hushed tones for quite some time.

It has now been explained by the game’s creative director, Julian Gerighty, that every explorable planet in Star Wars Outlaws has been crafted by hand and not procedurally generated. This was a statement handed over in an interview with Edge magazine, but it didn’t end there, as Gerighty went on to explain just how much of these planets can be explored.

Outlaws For Life… Wait, Wrong Game!

Everyone promptly lost their minds when it was announced that Starfield will feature 1,000 fully explorable planets. Then, it was made clear that less than 10% of those planets feature ‘some kind of life’, and fewer still have ‘handcrafted locations’ that are ripe for exploration. Furthermore, to cut down on development costs and duration, Bethesda Game Studios made use of intelligent procedural generation tools to craft the vast majority of these planets.

In the interview with Edge (that was shared by PC Gamer), Julian Gerighty explained that Ubisoft Massive is aiming to keep things under control by keeping the scope of the universe in Star Wars Outlaws ‘manageable’. This is being achieved by having a wide array of planets, but each planet will only feature a specific area that can be explored.

He then went on to highlight that the explorable space made available to players will equal ‘about two of the zones in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, for example’. That’s not a bad size, and if there are enough planets, it could make for hundreds of hours of gameplay, assuming those ‘zones’ aren’t empty.

So, it looks as though Star Wars Outlaws is going to be thick with exploration opportunities – which is what we’d expect these days from an ambitious open-world adventure, right?

Star Wars Outlaws is expected to release in 2024.

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