Best Co-op Games to Cosy up With This Valentine’s Day

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It’s almost that time of the year when gaudy hearts are bursting into our vision from every corner possible as the world comes together to celebrate romance, emotion, and all things lovey. On February 14, couples everywhere will fall head over heels for Valentine’s Day, the one day a year when there’s a commercial expectation to shower our partners with gifts, flowers, favours, and cute knick-knacks.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day as a gaming couple, there are a fair few titles you can take advantage of that have cooperative mechanics woven into them. This means you’ll be able to spend quality time with your partner without stripping yourself away from games for a day. Isn’t that a wonderful concept?

Here are the best co-op games to play on Valentine’s Day with your beloved.

Comfortable Collaboration

Here are some of the top co-op games you’ll find on the market right now, ready for Valentine’s Day.

Stardew Valley

What could be more romantic than moving into an old farmstead and bringing it back to life alongside your cherished partner? Together, you can plant and harvest crops, impress a town, and fall in love all over again as you tend to livestock and explore dark caves. Even if you’re playing on your own, you can romance NPCs, shower them with gifts, and even get married to that one special character.

It Takes Two

It Takes Two is an award-winning cooperative title that’s bursting at the seams with emotion. It’s a heartwarming tale of two lovers on a precipice, facing down the idea of divorce and finding themselves in dire circumstances that force them to push past their differences to ‘discover each other’ all over again. It’s a puzzling, intriguing game that’ll bring you and your partner closer together.


Overcooked will test the most regimented, attuned partners, that’s for sure. If you can’t take the heat, you might want to stay out of this kitchen, but if you’re feeling up to the challenge, you and your partner can manage a chaotic, cooking-fuelled environment, preparing plates of food for demanding customers with surgical precision and militaristic strategies.

A Way Out

There’s no way to play A Way Out other than with a cooperative partner, which makes it one of the best co-op games you’ll find this Valentine’s Day. In A Way Out, players assume control of a pair of prisoners hellbent on joining forces and escaping incarceration. There are twists and turns along the way, and the entire journey is fraught with danger and intense quick-time scenes.

Moving Out 2

Like Overcooked, Moving Out 2 requires tactical teamplay to succeed and flourish – but instead of working in a kitchen, you’ll be responsible for moving furniture into, out of, and around maps in lightning-fast time, dodging obstacles and working together to beat the clock. It can get intense very quickly and is generally frustrating throughout if you don’t work well together – so be warned… This will test you as a couple.


If you’d prefer to relax this Valentine’s Day, consider a little Minecraft and chill and build your dream block-based home with your partner. There’s something timeless about Minecraft, and if you turn up the soothing sounds, set it to ‘peaceful’, and work creatively together, you’ll have those construction-based juices flowing before long, working collaboratively to build something monumental. Or something.

Untitled Goose Game

Have you ever wanted to assume control of a cantankerous, troublesome goose and wreak havoc on a small town? In Untitled Goose Game, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing, and thanks to a recent update, you can do that alongside your partner. Together, you’ll plague residents of a harmless town, stealing their belongings and aggravating them to no end while deafening them with a barrage of honks. Love is in the air – so are those honks.

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