5 Worst Co-Op Games of All Time

Every great co-op game released must have at least one terrible co-op game to counter it. That is just the way of the world. While some games stand the test of time as the greatest co-op games of all time, there are always titles that are awful.

While games like Call of Duty and more are known for their unique multiplayer modes, some games get a lot of hate for attempting to give players a co-op experience.

Here are the five worst co-op games of all time according to Metacritic.

5. Fast and Furious: Showdown

Just like the franchis’s more recent movie releases, Fast and Furious: Showdown was an absolute disaster of a video game. The game was short, it was boring and it gave nothing exciting to the players that indulged themselves with it.

Overall, Fast and Furious: Showdown is easily one of the worst co-op multiplayer games ever made

4. Alone in the Dark: Illumination

A horror game that you can play split-screen with up to four friends? Sounds awesome. Sadly, Alone in the Dark: Illumination failed to hit the mark that so many players expected it to reach. The game had players fight these demonic creatures while trying to destroy a curse, setting itself up for a fun experience. Sadly, though, the title absolutely failed altogether, and not just in the multiplayer realm,

Alone in the Dark: Illumination still stands as one of the worst co-op games ever made.

3. SPOGS Racing

worst co-op games SPOGS

Developed as a WiiWare game in 2008, SPOGS Racing immediately became a joke amongst gamers. Maybe it was because of other racing game competitors such as Mario Kart going against it, but SPOGS Racing just felt poorly made and small. Somehow, though, the game got another release on the Wii U but was discontinued after that.

SPOGS Racing is hands down one of the worst co-op games ever created.

2. Yaris

worst co-op games Yaris

Yaris, the somewhat futuristic racing game, tried to put a new spin on the popular gaming genre. This was short-lived though, as many realized the idea of racing as standard Toyota models while using a giant mechanical arm to attack each other was not that fun.

Yaris never even stood a chance from release, making it one of the worst multiplayer games ever made.

1. Family Party 30 Great Games: Obstacle Arcade

worst co-op games Family Party

Released for the Wii U, Family Party 30 Great Games: Obstacle Arcade had some hype behind it when first announced. A massive party game with multiple mini-games for people to play together? What is not to be hyped about?

Unfortunately, the title was an absolute failure, as its incredibly low score on Metacritic makes it the worst Co-Op game of all time.