5 Best Capcom Games

Capcom has been at the forefront of gaming since the 1980s and is home to many of top franchises including Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Mega Man. Some games are widely considered to be among the greatest games ever released and should be at the top of your list of games to play. Here are the five best Capcom games of all time.

Mega Man 2

The Mega Man series has never been a big seller for Capcom, with Mega Man 2 selling just 1.5 million copies. But, the game is widely considered as the best in the series and improving on the first game in every way. The 2D platformer provided a more action-focused alternative to other games on the NES such as Super Mario Bros.

It’s gameplay is addictive and the puzzles are creative and a fun way to break up the action. If you’re a fan of Mega Man 2 there are many more in the series to check out, but this one will always stand above the rest.


Okami is one of the best games that you’ve likely never played. It was one of the last games released on the PS2 before Sony launched the PS3 in 2006, which resulted in it receiving poor sales despite widespread critical acclaim. Okami can be described as Capcom making a Legend of Zelda game as it served as the main inspiration for the design and direction. 

Its cel-shaded graphics help the game to hold up well despite its age, and an HD port was released on PS4 and Xbox One in 2017 and the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 1998 Leon and Claire

Resident Evil 2 took everything that made the first game great and further enhanced it to push the series to new heights. Introducing the future fan-favorite characters Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, Resident Evil 2 takes players to the streets of Raccoon City as the city falls during the G-Virus outbreak. 

The game features four unique scenarios, offering a lot of replay value that makes it fun to return to 25 years later. If you’re a PC gamer you can take advantage of fan-made HD remasters and many mods to breathe new life into a beloved classic.

Resident Evil 4

When it comes to modern third-person action games, many mechanics and standards can be traced back to Resident Evil 4. The game helped to popularize mechanics such as Quick Time Events which became standard in hundreds of games going forward and its influence can still be felt today. 

Capcom released a remake of Resident Evil 4 in 2023 and managed to upgrade the game in almost every way. Whether you prefer the classic or the modern remake, it is hard to deny the impact and legacy that Resident Evil 4 has had on gaming.

Street Fighter 2

Gaming would have looked very different had Street Fighter 2 not been released. Back in 1991, arcades were starting to struggle with the popularity of home consoles such as the SNES and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive bringing the arcade experience to the home. 

Capcom turned this around with Street Fighter 2 in 1991 and set the standard for all future fighting games, even today it serves as the benchmark in terms of quality. Street Fighter 2 revitalized the arcade scene and became a smash hit on home consoles, becoming Capcom’s best-selling game until Resident Evil 5 knocked it off the top spot. 

The success of Street Fighter 2 paved the way for many of the top fighting franchises we know today, including Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Virtual Fighter.

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