Battlefield 2042 Season 4 to Launch February 28

Sources, who have access to EA’s internal release schedule have confirmed that Battlefield 2042 Season 4 will launch on February 28, 2022.

It’s not entirely clear what the new Season will entail, but EA has already teased that Season 4 of Battlefield 2042 will bring a new recon Specialist, a new Battle Pass, brand-new hardware, and more. In addition, Battlefield 2042 Season 4’s map will be “smaller, shorter, and linear designed for up close and personal, close-quarters combat that Battlefield is famous for”.

As for the Specialist overhaul, there’s still yet to be any official confirmation on when that will arrive, but EA has previously said it will be a part of Update 3.2. Sources were unable to give a date on when Update 3.2 will roll out.

As a part of the reintroduction of classes, EA’s official blog has stated:

“All our existing Specialists will be placed within defined roles with a set of gadgets and equipment that best suit their purpose on the battlefield. While we’re not revealing them today, our Season 4 Specialist will be placed within the Recon class. This will also be the final Specialist that we’re planning to bring to Battlefield 2042. With the return to Classes and our roster of 14 in total, we are happy with the amount of Specialists and variety of gameplay that they will allow you to experience. So our focus will be continuing to listen to your feedback in order to expand the sandbox in other ways by bringing design and balance changes for your class-based combat, along with continuing to expand on skins and cosmetics to give you more ways to stand out on the battlefield.”

As for what’s next for Battlefield 2042 after Season 4’s launch, EA has confirmed that the game will continue with Seasonal updates and has confirmed Season 5 will have a returning map from Battlefield 4.

“In Season 5 you’re going to see us lean into previous games and how they can show up in the world of 2042. The new Season 5 map coming will be a forgotten battleground that last saw combat in the Battlefield 4 era. An overgrown area, engulfed with vegetation by the 2042 war. It will encourage a combination of vehicular and infantry combat meaning teamplay is the key to victory.”

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