Avowed Will Have Multiple Endings ‘Because It’s An Obsidian Game’


Avowed was recently showcased at length during the Xbox Developer Direct event, giving gamers an exclusive look at Obsidian’s next top-tier RPG. It looked fantastic at first blush, boasting impressive visuals, immersive combat, and some interesting character models in a world bursting with opportunities to explore – but it has also been confirmed that the story will be branching.

Historically, Obsidian has had no issues crafting intriguing, engaging campaigns and questlines, and it looks like Avowed’s story will be no different.

Avoiding Boredom

In a recent interview with IGN, Obsidian’s game director for Avowed, Carrie Patel, touched on the topic of multiple endings in the game. She said:

I mean it’s an Obsidian game. What else would we be if we didn’t have a few different endings? … You have to approach it with a degree of range, both in the spread and placement of those consequences and also the nature of those consequences. Some things need to have surprising but believable outcomes. If everything plays out exactly as you expect, it could feel a little boring.

There are many unknowns in the world of Avowed, such as how big the explorable area will be in the game or just how long it’ll run – and how many endings it’ll ultimately have. Plenty is being revealed over time, though. For instance, it was recently explained why character creation options will be somewhat limited in Avowed, despite the game taking place in a shared universe with another series – Pillars of Eternity – that features several key races.

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