Stormgate’s Kickstarter Has Gone 2280% Beyond Its Goal


RTS fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Stormgate, one of the most highly anticipated titles to emerge in recent years. Recently, Frost Giant Studios – the game’s creator – took to Kickstarter to share an update, now that the project has been funded far beyond its original goal of $100,000. At present, the crowdfunding efforts have backed up the development of Stormgate by a whopping 2280% over the target – to $2,380,701, to be precise.

In the post, the next steps and immediate future of Stormgate were revealed by Frost Giant.

Be Prepared

It was revealed that backers who pledged to receive the ‘Deluxe Founder’s Pack’ or above will be receiving invitations to the Stormgate beta tomorrow. This will be played out under NDA, but early adopters will be permitted to stream Stormgate gameplay during Steam Next Fest, which runs from the 5th to the 12th of February.

It was estimated that the physical Collector’s Edition boxes for Stormgate will be ready to ship in Spring 2024. To pick that up, backers will need to pledge $200 to the project – but from the product description, it’ll be more than worthwhile. At this point, seventy people have pledged more than $5,000 to the development of Stormgate, securing one of 100 ‘Hall of Legends’ packages.

Frost Giant is preparing to send out keys for bonus content and is bolstering the community with unique Discord roles to recognise users’ contributions to the project.

You can get the full lowdown from Frost Giant in the recent post made on Kickstarter.

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