Avalanche Studios Staff Reach Two-Year Union Contract

Avalanche Studios Union

Avalanche Studios staff are officially part of a union. The studio announced on Friday that the company has agreed on a two-year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with Swedish labor unions Unionen and Engineers of Sweden.

The new agreement will begin in the Q2 2025. It applies to “all Avalanchers employeed in Sweden”. The new CBA will created a standard for employees regarding salaries, benefits, support, and more.

“Over the past years, we’ve taken significant steps toward making Avalanche one of the best workplaces in the games industry,” says Stefanía Halldórsdóttir, Avalanche Studios Group’s CEO, via press release. “Our inclusive, warm, and welcoming culture, sound work-life balance, profit sharing, and parental leave policy – just to name a few – are a testament to that. These are all things that set us apart and allow us to focus on making great games. We hope that signing a CBA will be yet another step in that same direction.”

Halldórsdóttir continued: “It’s important for us to approach the transition in the right way. This is why we’re not rushing the implementation of the CBA. We’ll use the coming months to carry out the necessary work in a careful, structured, and non-disruptive manner – all while continuing the development of several new and existing games.”

The start of unionization efforts at Avalanche Game Studios began in 2023, and took about six months to reach an agreement between the union and the company.

Avalanche Studios is known for developing Rage 2, the Just Cause franchise, Contraband, and the 2015 Mad Max game.

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  1. Where is Contraband we still have no idea what the gameplay will look like or even story despite it being one of the first Xbox Series games they showed in 2020.

    1. Microsoft made a mistake partnering with the studios it did none of them have really delivered

  2. How long ago was their last game? Outside Just Cause I’ve never played anything else from them they just seem overrated.

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