Here’s When Ark: Survival Ascended is Coming to Console

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Following delays of Ark: Survival Ascended on consoles – thanks to some critical development issues – Studio Wildcard has published a blog post stressing when the somewhat beleaguered game will arrive on consoles.

It was a few months ago that ASA was revealed, and initially, Studio Wildcard planned to bundle it exclusively with Ark 2, a decision that was met with backlash. The bad press was exacerbated by the slew of players who thought that they were being ‘scammed’ by being made to pay twice for Ark: Survival Evolved, which has now ‘become’ Ark: Survival Ascended.

So, when is Ark: Survival Ascended coming to console?


It has been revealed by Studio Wildcard that ASA will arrive on Xbox platforms on November 14th, and when it launches, it’ll be cross-platform compatible with Steam. Following that, the PlayStation launch will take place around ‘the end of November’. Again, it’ll be cross-platform compatible with Xbox and PC platforms.

In the blog post that confirmed this news, Studio Wildcard wrote:

We know there is still plenty more work to be done on all of those fronts, but we’re committed to making ARK: Survival Ascended the best survival game it can be. We’ll continue to release patches with bug fixes and performance improvements in the coming days, along with major feature additions over the coming weeks (and introducing Public Test Realm next week – more on that soon). In the meantime, thank you for your support and patience. We hope you’re enjoying ARK: Survival Ascended so far!

It’s worth stressing that while Ark: Survival Ascended is available, players aren’t being forced to purchase it. For those who want to remain Ark: Survival Evolved, that’s still an option, but only on private servers and single-player servers. At the time of writing, around 41,000 people are playing ASE on Steam, while around 65,000 are playing ASA, so the switchover is actively taking place and showing a positive trend.

Have you made the shift to Ark: Survival Ascended just yet?

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