Apex Legends Overhauls Battle Passes, Abandons In-Game ‘AC’ Currency Option

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In a new official blog post, EA announced an extensive overhaul for the Apex Legends Battle Passes, which now abandons the in-game currency pricing option.

According to the post, EA says that “the decision to move from AC to real world currency is not one that we made lightly.” It also states that “it does allow us to decrease the price of Premium+ for our community.”

The new real-world currency pricing option for the Premium Track will be $9.99 USD. The new Premium+ Track will cost $19.99 USD.

Previously, players could use Apex Coins (AC) to purchase Battle Passes each season. Fans could also potentially earn enough Apex Coins in a season to pay for the next.

Apex Legends’ Battle Passes will also be broken down into one for each seasonal split. As a result, EA plans to decrease the required level to earn all rewards, down to 60 from 110.

EA says this change “allows us to align seasonal progression more closely with Ranked while also increasing the value for your time.” It also means that players will need to invest real-world currency for a new Battle Pass for each split.

All of these updates will go into effect beginning with Season 22. The latest season is Upheaval, which reintroduced Solos mode and added the new legend Alter.

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  1. Absolutely terrible change. I will not be buying this new BP, and I have been playing since launch.

  2. “Not a decision we made lightly”, yeah right. This change stops people who consistently complete the BP to get future BPs for free or have it discounted based on how many AP coins they earned. This ensures that players will always pay full price every new BP.

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