All Photo Ops In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Locations Guide

Apart from a compelling narrative and an upgraded devil-may-care traversal system, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has released loads of interesting new Photo Ops. These are quick side activities that need to be completed if you wish to reach a 100% completion rate in the game.

Here’s everything about Photo Ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, along with all of their locations and rewards.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops

Photo Ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are virtual photography quests that return from the first title. Though here, the sights you take shots of are much more interesting due to the colorful, crowded, and vaster take on New York.

Similar to the first game, Photo Ops takes Peter and Miles on a stroll down photography lane. As you swing through the map, more of it gets defogged and more of the Photo Ops activities start appearing for you to complete. In total, there are 23 Photo Ops you’ll have to complete in order to earn the New York, New York trophy. Still, like Marko’s Memories, these are fairly easy. All you need to do here is first swipe up on your PS5 controller’s touchpad. Then hold L2 and align the camera towards the correct direction. This will be indicated by green borders appearing on the screen. Once that’s done, simply hit R1 to capture a photo and earn 150 XP and City Tokens as a reward. The tokens are useful since you’ll need them to craft suits later.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 All Photo Ops Locations

Here’s a detailed table on where exactly you’ll be able to find all 23 Photo Ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This includes the respective districts, a brief description of what you’re looking for, and some helpful pointers.

DistrictPhoto OpDescription
MidtownWe Haven’t ForgottenA group of people protesting outside Oscorp
Audition PieceA man awaiting an audition at the Radio City Building
Little OdessaHigh-StakesTwo guys playing frisbee across rooftops
The Bodega BeefTake a photo of the busy street
We’re Here Every WeekTake a photo of the two guys cosplaying as Spider-Cat
AstoriaThe Masked ChallengerA man wearing a blue mask
Step up to the PlateA group on a picnic
Upper East SideThe Roof CourtTwo people playing Tennis on a court atop a building
Upper West SideKinda FanboysSpider-Man cosplayers
WilliamsburgHidden OasisMural of the Spider-Men on the side of a building
HarlemThe City GameA basketball match between two lads
Hell’s KitchenThe DuelStreet performers jamming together
Central ParkTo the BeatPeople dancing on a small stage
The TruthA pro-alien guy with signs beside him
ChinatownCheckmateA chess match
The Little Taiyaki CartA food stall is what you’re looking for
GreenwichTelling TimeA man standing on a box on the footpath
Greenwich MuralA Mural with “Love” painted on it
Downtown BrooklynBeach PartyA campfire and two guys playing frisbee
Now That’s a BridgeTake a photo of the Manhattan Bridge taken from a street in Downtown Brooklyn
Champion of ChampionsA man who will be competing in an eating challenge
Downtown QueensWe’ll Treat You Like FamilySnap Jirji’s Hummus, a restaurant
Financial DistrictIt Was An AccidentAn accident between a bike and a car

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