All Launch MWIII (2023) Sniper Rifles, Ranked

If you prefer to stay out of the gunfights and pick off your opponents from afar, the Sniper Rifle is the perfect choice for you. There are few things more satisfying than hitting a long-range headshot with a Sniper Rifle. Here are all of the launch Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 ranked from worst to best.

3. KV Inhibitor

The KV Inhibior is a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle that can deliver one-shot kills while still being mobile enough and versatile enough to carry around with you. It unlocks later than the others on this list at level 25. With the others being a better choice this may be a weapon that you ignore, but if a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle is more your thing, it is time to grind and unlock the KV Inhibitor.


Despite being a Sniper Rifle, the KATT-AMR offers great aiming speeds as well as high damage. The KATT-AMR is unlocked at level 4 so you can start customizing it early on in your Modern Warfare 3 journey. This isn’t a weapon that you will want to be using at anything closer than long-range, but its high mobility speed means it is one you can carry around easily if you find yourself in trouble and need to find a new location to take down your opponents.

1. Longbow

Most Sniper Rifles have incredibly small clips, often just holding one round at a time. Well, not the Longbow as this boasts a 25-round magazine size which means you’ve got plenty of opportunity to hit your opponent before reloading. The Longbow is unlocked at level 4, meaning it will be one of the first weapons you unlock in the game, and with the right attachments, it can offer great speed and mobility while still delivering the ability to take down your opponent with a single shot.

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