All Launch MWIII (2023) LMGs, Ranked

With its large magazine size, the LMG can be great for not having to worry about reloading during a fight, although admit it you also reload it after using a handful of bullets. The LMG can be a great option for close to mid-range fights if you’re playing a more compact map where the Assault Rifle won’t shine. Here are the launch LMGs in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 ranked from worst to best.

4. DG-58 LSW

If you’re an Assault Rifle user but want to tinker around with some new play styles then the DG-58 LSW could be a good choice as it plays more like an Assault Rifle. The DG-58 LSW is one of the earlier weapons you will unlock at level 7, and by using attachments such as the VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor, Varanus Steady Grip, XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop, and the Recoil Reduction Buttplate, you can reduce recoil, ADS, and sprint to fire speed which can make it feel like an Assault Rifle that packs a punch while having a much larger magazine.

3. Bruen MK9

The Bruen MK9 is one of the later weapons you will unlock as you have to wait until level 31, but it can be worth waiting for. It is incredibly versatile while also having a great range. If you take advantage of the 60 Round Mag attachment you will end up with a weapon similar to an Assault Rifle that can shoot rounds all day long. As with most LMGs, you will need to focus on using attachments to reduce its recoil and improve accuracy, such as the Lane-56 Stock and MK.3 Reflector, but if you do this will become a weapon you could choose to use in a lot of situations.

2. Holger 26

The Holger 26 is one of the weapons that you start with when you first jump into multiplayer, meaning you can get to grips with the LMG right away. With it being a starter weapon, it isn’t the best option when left stock, but with the right attachments, it can become a great addition to your loadout. Adding attachments such as the Ascent Lord Heavy Barrel, RB Crotalus Assault Stock, and LM Intruder Grip can increase the damage, stability, and ADS speed while also reducing recoil.

1. Pulemyot 762

The Pulemyot 762 can be added to your arsenal early on as it unlocks at just level 4. Unlike some of the other LMGs on this list, the Pulemyot 762 suits a slower playstyle rather than running and gunning with it acting as an Assault Rifle alternative. But, if you use the weapon as intended and focus on medium to long-range engagements, with the right attachments this can become a menacing machine. Taming the recoil and control with attachments such as the VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor, Ivanov HSS Ergonomic Stock, and Bruen Pivot Vertical Grip can help make it more stable to pick off enemies at a longer range while also still being great to use in close encounters.

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