All Launch MWIII (2023) Handguns, Ranked

A Handgun can sometimes be the difference maker between life and death. Seeing your main weapon run out of ammo during a fight can be daunting, but quickly swapping to a Handgun can get you out of a sticky situation. Here are all of the launch Handguns in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 ranked from worst to best.

4. Renetti

The Renetti is a great backup weapon due to its three-round burst and incredibly fast fire rate. One of the best things about the Renetti is that with the right attachments it can almost become an SMG, making it a very versatile side arm.

3. TYR

The TYR certainly packs a punch with its incredibly high damage output. Unfortunately, this does come at the cost of a slow fire rate and high recoil. With the right attachments, you can somewhat counter this, but if you want a quick sidearm to pull out when you’re in a tight situation then this isn’t the weapon for you. But, if you want a high-damage pistol to pick off your opponents, definitely consider the TYR.

2. WSP Stinger

It would be understandable if you assumed this weapon was an SMG, and that is the best way to treat this pistol. With the right attachments, you can make the WSP Stinger act more like an SMG while also taming its recoil. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stack up when compared to regular SMGs and those should be chosen over the WSP Stinger if that is what you’re going for. But, if you want a handgun that has similar capabilities, this is an excellent choice to make.

1. COR-45

The COR-45 is one of the base weapons that you start with at level 1, meaning you don’t need to wait at all to use it. As a stock weapon, it isn’t the best, but it is effective enough to get you out of a sticky situation. However, it is the attachments that can set this apart from other handguns on this list. By using attachments such as the FJX DIOD 70 and Slate Reflector you can drastically improve ADS, and the Granular Rounds increase bullet velocity and damage output. By adding these attachments you will create an incredible handgun that is a perfect sidearm to compliment your primary weapon.

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