All Dead Island 2 Zombie Types, Ranked by Difficulty

all dead island 2 zombie types

Dead Island 2 is easily one of the best open-world zombie-slaying titles to emerge in recent years. It took a decade for it to be developed, and when it dropped, it became an overnight sensation for post-apocalyptic fans the world over. In this list, we’re breaking down all Dead Island 2 zombie types, ranking them by their difficulty.

For some, ‘difficulty’ is subjective – one man’s struggle is another man’s walk in the park or something to that effect. Regardless, we’re throwing together a catch-all list for all Dead Island 2 zombie types, so you know what you’re up against when you come face to face with them.

What Are The Toughest Dead Island 2 Zombie Types?

Here’s our breakdown of the zombies you’ll meet in Dead Island 2, ranked by how difficult they are to defeat.

9. Shamblers

Shamblers do what it says on the tin – they shamble. They’re slow, ineffective, and they can’t really hurt you unless they’re in a sizeable crowd, and you suddenly find yourself mortally wounded and without weapons. They’re so weak and eroded that sometimes if they try hard enough to attack you, their efforts will result in their own limbs falling off.

8. Walkers

If you’re a fan of any zombie pop culture, you’ll know what a Walker is. It’s your bog-standard zombie with moderately disruptive abilities. They can grab, they can bite, and they’re persistent enough that they’ll follow you to the ends of the Earth to get a taste of your sweet flesh. Fortunately, they’re not all that tough, and they tend to be very slow.

7. Crushers

Crushers are big but dumb – and that’s why they’re not the most difficult out of all Dead Island 2 zombie types. They have easily predictable attack patterns that can be dodged with ease, and it’s not all that difficult to kill one – you just need to be quick to dodge in, swing an attack or two, and then dodge back again. Tip: if you cripple their arms, they become almost useless.

6. Runners

Runners are so aggravating, it’s unreal. They’re hyper-fast, super agile, and they’re able to withstand a smack or two before they go down. They can appear in the blink of an eye, darting through an open doorway or clambering in through a window, and if they overwhelm you, they’ll rip your health to shreds simply as a result of how manic they are.

5. Slobbers

Slobbers are highly aggressive and they vomit acid at you, which is never nice. Fortunately, they’re not tough to kill – but they can quickly overwhelm you if you’re in their spit zone for too long. If you can dive in closely before they get you in range, you can usually dispatch them with a few hits of a weapon.

4. Screamers

Screamers are part and parcel of a zombie game, it seems. They’re often portrayed as wide-mouthed, mutated freaks that howl like banshees, pulling all manner of undead creatures into their midst. Out of all Dead Island 2 zombie types, the Screamer can be considered one of the most terrifying, as you can often walk into a room and be deafened by this sudden screech. Not only that, but the howl is so powerful it can physically stop you from getting close to the Screamer. If you do, it’ll usually be one or two hits to dispatch this enemy, though.

3. Mutators

Mutators are very strange creatures – they’re probably the most unique out of all Dead Island 2 zombies, but why is that? Well, a Mutator starts off life as a regular zombie – you can hardly tell the difference between them and a common Walker. But when a Mutator is subjected to a loud, sudden sound, they… Well, they mutate. It’s then that they become absolutely terrifying, but up until that point, you can actually kill one with a single blow – provided you’re silent.

2. Butcher

Butchers are evil zombies, indeed. They’re hyper-violent, highly agile enemies that can pounce around an environment with ease, leaping down at you, pinning you to the ground, and stabbing the life out of you with their mutated bone arms. They’re by far and wide the most aggressive enemies in the game, and out of all Dead Island 2 zombies, they arguably pose the biggest threat.

1. Vicious Butcher

Oh, yes – they get worse. There’s a special category reserved for Vicious Butchers because they’re that much more challenging to fight. They’re basically Butchers that have been wrapped up in razor wire – or something similar – so that when you attack them, you take damage yourself. Like normal Butchers, they’re also remarkably durable and resistant to many forms of damage, and to make matters worse, they can use their tough arm bones as a shield, blocking all incoming damage.

So, out of all Dead Island 2 zombie types… That’s the worst one.