Learn About The Events of Alan Wake In Fortnite

alan wake flashback

If you’ve never played Alan Wake (for shame), then you might be a little confused as to what it’s actually about — especially if you’re picking up Alan Wake 2 in just over a week. Fear not – for the ill-informed, there’s a fantastic way to get to grips with the backstory, and it’s being provided through a rather unexpected medium.

Right now, players can access the ‘Alan Wake: Flashback’ custom island in Fortnite to learn everything they could possibly want to know about Alan Wake and his mysterious background.

Alan Wake x Fortnite

Admittedly, it’s a pretty fantastic creation that faithfully retells the story of Alan Wake, which was released way back in 2010. It has taken this long to get around to a sequel, so you’d be forgiven for having forgotten what happened, even if you rinsed the game more than a decade ago.

As it happens, it’s not all that bizarre a collaboration, as there’s an Alan Wake crossover pack coming to Fortnite in just a few days, which’ll feature a range of cosmetics themed around the game. If you’re on PC and you purchase Alan Wake 2 through the Epic Games Store before October 27th, you’ll unlock this cosmetics pack for free, giving you access to Alan Wake in Fortnite.

Here’s the code to access Alan Wake: Flashback: 3426-5561-3374

Are you excited about the release of Alan Wake 2?

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