Insomniac: ‘No Patch Or Online Requirement For Spider-Man 2’

spider-man 2 insomniac

On October 20th, what’s being described as the greatest superhero game of all time will be released: Spider-Man 2. It’s a long-awaited follow-up to 2018’s Spider-Man, and it’s poised to be one of the best games ever released on PlayStation 5 if the previews are anything to go by. In a recent message posted to Twitter, Insomniac Games took time out to highlight a few notes about the game.

Firstly, it was stressed that ‘the disc contains the entire game and is playable from start to finish with no patch or online requirement’. There’s an optional update that physical players can download when they install the game, but it’s not mandatory, apparently. Then, Insomniac explained that ‘general refinements’ and more polish were added to Spider-Man 2 in this update, so in reality, you’ll probably want it.

You Don’t Need It, But You Do

Players eager to experience Spider-Man 2 can do so as quickly as possible, according to Insomniac Games. If you’re throwing the disc in your PlayStation 5 console this week, you’ll notice that it’s playable in its entirety without being connected to the internet or installing a single patch – but there’s an optional one, as I’ve just mentioned.

It was highlighted that digital players will be pre-loading the version of the game that automatically includes this new update – 1.001.002.

With a few more accessibility features and some improvements being made to the opening sections of the game, it seems foolish to not download this optional update — unless you’re not in a position to do so in the first place, of course.

Are you excited about the prospect of playing Spider-Man 2 in just a couple of days?

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