Adrianna Chechik Shows Huge Scar After Breaking Her Back at Twitch

Twitch streamer Adrianna Chechik has returned to the platform after she broke her back several weeks ago at Twitchcon after jumping into a shallow foam pit.

Taking to Twitch, Chehik shows off the huge scar on her back that goes down around half of her back. In the stream, Chechik explains that she’s been feeling exhausted following her operations. “I get out of breath holding my phone and everything”, she said.

“I have two ten-inch rods of surgical steel in my back with eight screws”, Chechik says when talking about her surgery.

Chechik also said that when she arrived at the hospital, she found out that she was pregnant. As a result of the surgery, Chechik says that she’s “not pregnant anymore”, and “I couldn’t keep it [the baby]”.

Twitch is yet to address the foam pit at Twitchcon, which was being sponsored by Lenovo and organized by Karios Media, who was the creative agency running the booth.

It’s unclear if Chechik will be suing Twitch, Lenovo, or Karios Media for the incident, but we wouldn’t expect her to publically comment on the matter until it’s settled.

Other participants at the event were also subjected to injuries at the event, too. One person allegedly dislocated her knee at the foam pit prior to Chechik’s injury.

Following the back-breaking injury, Twitch shut down the foam pit and no one else was able to participate.

It’s believed that the foam pit was too shallow, with it only offering around 2 foam blocks of depth for protection, on top of a concrete floor.

“@adrianachechik getting injured because they didn’t pad the concrete slab below the foam pit. Even things as small as signage.”, said Twitch Partner Mike from PA.

You can see the video of Chechik jumping into the foam pit and breaking her back here.

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