Activision Says It Banned 27,000 Call of Duty Accounts Last Weekend

Activision Banned Call of Duty

Activision has said that it banned over 27,000 Call of Duty accounts during a free multiplayer weekend for Modern Warfare 3.

“[Team Ricochet] identified and banned over 27,000 accounts over the weekend through a series of upgraded detection systems,” the statement reads via Charlie Intel on Twitter.

“The team is progressing on a new set of security updates and anticipates more ban waves to come.”

As far as when those additional “ban waves” will be coming, that’s currently unknown. However, it could be assumed that more bands will be coming this week and beyond.

Alongside the free multiplayer from April 4-8, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and WarZone saw the beginning of Season 3 for this year’s release. With Season 3 came several new maps, game modes, weapons, and more for the latest game from Activision.

For Warzone, specifically, players saw the return of Rebirth Island. There’s also the Resurgence mode that allows you to respawn as long as one person in your party is still alive.

What do you think of Activision saying it banned over 27,000 Call of Duty accounts this past weekend? For more Insider Gaming, read about the first major update for poker roguelike Balatro.

    1. It doesn’t help your banning a free weekend for people who don’t have the game just started playing what about the 500,000 accounts still cheating that have the game and play daily especially in ranked they are doing anything about this so stop putting attention into free weekends and deal with the people that own the game tgat are constantly cheating daily

      1. Yeah right maybe banned 27k from chat cause that’s all you care about is someone getting there feeling hurt instead of fixing this shit get your priorities straight

    2. It only helps if you ban everyone equally. A lot of people were getting banned for buying camos. There’s a huge difference in somebody in a game have an aimbot or having tracking systems and banning them versus somebody who just bought a camo to make their gun look cool but because he didn’t grind to get it and they paid for someone else to get it they get banned. These are two very different things. Also the streamers never get banned or they get their ban lifted because they make money for Activision. If you’re making money for them it’s okay. Also Activision sells cheats to certain people.

      1. It violates the end user license agreement dumbass as well as rewritten software that you signed in agreement when a person first entered the game. Sigh… dumbass

    3. They will just go play the other cod game, I mean fortnite, same thing, COD is fortnite and vice versa. What happened to the real soldiers, (if you will) this crap is crap just like fortnite crap, it’s crap. Bring back the war game, the soldiers, not snoop dogg and the other future or what ever this crap is, and the weapons, to much to even start talking about, IT’S ALL CRAP , CRAP I SAY!

  1. Tbh I’m upset with this because I’m sure I’m not the only one but people who don’t cheat are also getting banned and for no reason. I play fair and square and mostly play zombies and still got banned??? Make it make sense? It’s not your fault I understand it’s just frustrating for people who play to enjoy and get punished for nothing

    1. I totally agree! I got banned not once but twice in a row for nothing! I still see people with zombie stashes over 10 and I got banned for having 50 items from before? Seriously! No steamers got banned for their exploits they do. When will they start holding them accountable.

    2. Same here. My account got banned weeks ago and I have no idea why and can’t get it back. I’ve been playing COD games for over 15 years and only play on Xbox. Anyone can watch me play or check my K/D and see I have never cheated. Yet Before my ban I’d see replays of obvious cheaters and somehow I’m the one they boot. I’ve spent so much money on these games throughout my life only to have them wrongfully ban me. It sucks.

    3. That’s not cheating it’s not gaining you an upper hand on people by wall hacking n aimbot, if anything just made it more fun, and brought a community together that shared and helped everyone in Zombies. But it doesn’t matter anyway zombies is as dead as DMZ now.

  2. Activision banned 27,000 accounts but yet there is still a bunch of cheaters playing the game. When will Activision wake up and realize that PC players are ruining the game. When will they realize that crossplay with PC player was a horrible idea and go back to how it was. The game was so much better when it was just Xbox and PlayStation together. Players actually had a chance to win and enjoy the game

    1. I agree watched a guy on PC yesterday on rebirth resurgence get 26 kills the guy was locking on to were people was before he had even seen them and 1 shot killing them reported on game nothing done nothing ever gets done unless a YouTuber gets upset because someone beat his cheats the game is pathetic and I will never spend my money on a new call of duty again amd I have bought every game they have ever released because they have it for one year and give up with it it’s a joke

    2. I’m a PC player and will never cheat and don’t even know how to cheat? I mean how do you even cheat? Not that I’m gonna cheat but how do you? Do you have to install something?..I don’t understand.

    3. Ya for talking trash, when they promote drug use in game. Think their priorities are trash

  3. That is a long time coming. I was about to quit playing due to how easy it is to cheat. My only concern is the chat ban… trash talk is part of cod history and if your concern is for the young crowd then maybe Activision should start at the weed skins and look of some of the operators

    1. They don’t care about trash talk. It’s people going over board with comments. Including being sexist and racist. I was playing a game last night. This dude kept dying. He called this guy on the other team the N word. Then told him he should go kill himself. That’s uncalled for.

  4. Really is so disappointing! Warzone is free so I guess they don’t really need to prevent the cheating. But it burns when you know someone is wall hacking or aimbotting or takes a thousand rounds to drop…..then they talk trash as if there good? I heard there’s lobbies for known cheaters called Diamond lobbies. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get put in those lobbies! Every once in awhile I get in a game and destroy solid gamers then it’ll be weeks of cheaters.

  5. My husband has been playing for 20 yrs on playstation and he got banned for no reason about a month ago when they released that you could play the older maps we wrote in bc we were having issues it was showing all computer players and the games were ending right away with peoples scored like 70-4 we nee something was hacked and guess what they banned his account. so what gives?

  6. That’s good to hear Activision we need that as a player wanting to not have to back out of a game cause of cheating is there gonna be any bans that can happen on ranked resurgence also that would help also

  7. The p.c. players are the main problem I play on a ps5 and I know when I run into a p.c. player cause it’s like they see me before i see them and I would be shooting them before they shoot back and then I’m dead all my shots are on target but still end up losing and I notice a lot of wall hacks also

  8. They ban people for playing their game the game is over 100 for most at the start. And they get banned because someone else is bad.yet most cheaters get away with it or just make a new account.

  9. They are an absolute joke with their bans. My buddy who hasn’t cheated on call of duty for a second ends up getting 20-30 kills per match every once in a while and they keep him in shadow ban lobbies with actual cheaters. I don’t spend a single cent on the game anymore because they just ban everyone for no reason other than they occasionally do well.

  10. I also got banned for no reason. I played fine the first day of S3 and then all of a sudden, 2 days later, I was banned. The spam report system is just insane.

  11. Yes I do support the banned. These guys or girls are cheating the system they know dam well they are. Look at their ratings look at mine. They should be banned permanently period end of story. Play right and not cheat smh….

  12. I say to hell with Activision they can cuss in the game but if you cuss in the prox chat you get banned they need a place where people can appeal because this is getting out of control

    1. Yeah man every lobby I’ll go into I have to put my sound on mute. If I see even one word everybody yields the n word. If a female says anything she gets called names. And they’ll ban all those people but then a streamer will do it and nothing will happen to them.

  13. Fake news the anti cheats is shit. Each day there are dozens of hacker in multilayer mode. We player get reported nothing happens. I thinks sev are involve in the cheats. And activision know it. They are bunch of scammer of the gaming industry

  14. I am getting really tired of all the cheaters. It has not been fun to play and being 66 years of age this is the only contact with other people. I just wish there could be a server for older people to Play and not have to deal with the people who find it necessary to cheat and take the fun away from the game.

  15. Haven’t played cod in almost 8 mth, reinstall and saw was banned. I don’t even kmow how to do any of these things I’m accused of nor do I have and content besides what I buy from them on my game. Just B.S. so I had to go back and play cold war cause im banned from all and i mean all modern warfare, including 2, 3. Nothing worst then getting accused and they have no real proof it was even u. Shame on u Activision

  16. I’ve been playing since COD 2 on console and never used a PC, and I ended up getting banned. Not a smart move on behalf of Activision and then to remove resources for players to reach out and correct this issue, is a shame they attacking core players and blindly leading the franchise on a downward spiral.

  17. My advice for all of you that got banned for no reason is instead of making another account and trying to start the game over It’s just to take your money and go to some other game like battlefield or whatever they’re competition is. Try Hill diver or maybe something that’s not Activision. The only way you can hurt these kind of people is their pockets so the best thing to do is all those accounts switch to a different game and every time someone gets abandoned unfairly report them on as many platforms as you can and never go back to that game. You don’t need that game it’s a game. But just to be petty switch to a different game on top of that.

  18. Activision keeps doing dumb stuff, a similar move was done in Feb/March 2020 by Niantic pokemon go not knowing that they’d be killing their game by doing such things (at a time when people were talking cover from COVID) these corporations never cease to amaze me. Activision make violent games and shoot themselves in the foot when they could’ve re-released the legacy of the graphical ZORK games that everyone enjoyed so much. Activision killed the “adventure first-person game” genre and decided to favor violence and theft with the newer games. Gaming companies keep messing up not knowing that mobile game makers are sweeping the market. Activision has gone through several ownerships over the years, now Microsoft owns them, they better think of something fast but banning players, whether cheaters or not (tons of innocent players get banned because they let bots do the work) isn’t helping their situation.

  19. I have noticed that over the last 4-6 weeks during multiplayer modes that I could be unloading on someone and won’t even get a hit marker. When I check out their screen name it’s always on PC. Why cheat? I don’t get it…

  20. Got permanent banned this weekend for buying the season pass. Been playing cod since world at War. Activision support is just a bot message reply. So mad with all the money I’ve spent in a game the just take it away for no reason.

  21. I have PC and enjoy the game very much but COD is losing touch with what got them to this point. Are Shxt talking made this game. The toxic community comes to this to release stress and whatever is going on in the world. Now we have to bubble wrap everything we say and do is kinda ridiculous. You say 18 years and older but got little kids playing. I buy a lot from the store and now starting to regret it because the soft community that has intertwined ruing the game.

  22. How much we pay,we should be able to talk all the trash we want,over paying for bs that not even worth the penny, they can shove it all up there ***

  23. I have been com banned for no reason and what’s funny is that I was in a Xbox party with my friends.soo much for equality. Hell I have been called racist comments and I have reported it and nothing happens but being in a private party u still get comes banned

  24. I was falsely banned. I’m on ps5 w/kbm. After season 3 update I saw my acct was hacked w/ a random steam acct linked. My loadouts were titled nuke 1,2,3,4,5 etc. My email is old and was deactivated years ago. So i made a acct recovery and submitted a case about this. They responded a week later apologizing for the problem. They told me to write my user name, what platform I use and the one that was hacked and needs to be unlinked. Also my email that’s old and the new one to link the new one. Now I’m waiting again for that case made. They have no online chat or any means of contact except this horrible support service which takes days. There is false bans that is a fact.

  25. How about fixing the game always crashing and booting you out.mainly in zombies. fkn over it

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