Fallout Series Season 2 Likely Following California Tax Credit

According to a new report by Variety, Amazon’s upcoming Fallout series now has $25 million in tax credits to move season 2 to California.

Amazon’s new live-action show based on the hit Fallout series still hasn’t premiered yet. It will release on April 11th, and Amazon did not officially confirm that a second season is in the works yet.

However, earning such a major California tax credit does imply that another season is very likely. Variety notes that Amazon previously produced Fallout in New York and Utah.

fallout tv show

If California is actively pursuing the show with such a solid investment, then the content itself must be very promising. After all, the point of the tax credit is to incentivize production that will reliably create jobs.

Insider Gaming got the opportunity to preview the show just yesterday. Our preview hints that you may get more than you expected from the early trailers. Additionally, there will be a lot of brutal violence.

The buzz is largely positive so far, following an initial wave of previews. Amazon released the first trailer last month. It barely teased the story and still earned a lot of hype on its own.

So, the Fallout series was probably destined for another season already. But given the new incentive, moving Fallout season 2 to California is likely to facilitate production. As a result, fans might not have to wait quite as long for the new season, but that’s only speculation.

On the gaming side of the franchise, Todd Howard and Jonathan Nolan recently showed a lot of confidence about Fallout 5 plans. During an interview, Nolan said that “we know all about Fallout 5, we’re not telling anyone.”

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