Call of Duty Plans for 2023 Leaked in Activision Breach, It’s Claimed

activision breach 2023 cod

Moments ago, news surfaced online suggesting that, in December, there was a data breach at Activision that saw sensitive documents revealed, including an alleged schedule that apparently highlights the entire year ahead for Call of Duty.

In these documents, a calendar was uncovered, showing dates for the season structure for the year ahead, as well as detailing dates for an unknown project named simply named ‘Jupiter’. It’s not known what this is, but there are expectations that it’s the premium release coming in 2023 that everyone has been talking about – including us.

Did the Activision Breach Reveal Everything?

Firstly, we’ll stress that this information has not been corroborated at present, so take this with a pinch of salt.

In the leaked documents, the entire schedule for the year ahead was seemingly revealed, showing a season structure that looks something like this:

  • Season 3: March 15th – May 15th
  • Season 4: May 15th – July 16th
  • Season 5: July 17th – September 14th
  • Season 6: September 15th – November 8th

There were also mid-season updates (Reloaded updates) planned for every season, as per the operating model that we’ve all come to know. However, just the schedule itself was enough to reveal a stack of Call of Duty content coming in 2023

  • Seven ‘Core Maps’, some of which will likely contain rehashes of older maps that we’re expecting.
  • ‘Haunting of Saba’ event for Halloween.
  • One ‘Licensed’ operator every season, which means a collaboration or crossover.
  • More Gunfights, Spec Ops missions, Raids, and Tier 1 Events starting from Season Three.
  • One ‘Small Map’ arriving with Season 4, which should be a similar experience to Shipment.
  • At least another 240 bundles (70 per season).

And of course, there are dates for ‘Jupiter’, which may be the next iteration in the Call of Duty franchise. It’s almost completely obscured in the images that were leaked on Twitter by @vxunderground, but it can be seen that there’s a period for ‘Jupiter GL4’ (7th – 28th of April), ‘Jupiter Alpha’ (26th May – 2nd June), and ‘Jupiter GL5’ (9th – 30th of June).

It’s possible that these are development cycles, sprint cycles, release windows, or something similar that might take place during the production of a game, but there’s no further information at present. While we know what an Alpha is, we can’t say for sure what the GL stages are in reference to.

It’s also worth stating that as this breach occurred on the 4th of December (with Activision staying quiet on the topic), the information contained in the schedule could have changed (and likely has).

Insider Gaming has been sent the full contents of the data breach and has been able to verify it’s legitimacy.

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