A Major Redfall Update Was In Development Before Studio Closure, Report Claims

Redfall Update

Before being shut down on May 7, Arkane Austin was working on a major update for Redfall that was planned to come this month.

According to a new report from IGN, the studio was working on an update for May that would’ve removed the game’s always online requirement in addition to other updates. This feature was promised by Arkane Austin back in March 2023 but hadn’t been delivered yet. Now with it no longer in the cards, players will seemingly only have access to Redfall until Microsoft and Bethesda decide its time to shut down the game’s servers.

In addition to an update for May, Redfall was set to get an update around Halloween that would’ve seen two new characters to the game. That update, which was to be part of the game’s Hero Pass, is also canceled along with support for the game moving forward.

Those who purchased the Hero Pass will be able get a refund for the content that will no longer be released.

Insider Gaming has reached out to both Microsoft and Bethesda for comment. As of publishing, all requests have been ignored.

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  1. Another example of how bad live service is. All those promises of future features/contents and they won’t be delivered because of the studio closing down. Why you should wait for the content to actually be released before buying a live service title.

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