A GTA 5 DLC About Trevor Was Canceled Because of GTA Online


Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 has been out for over a decade, but players never got any sort of single-player DLC during its life span. And while we know there were reportedly plans for up to eight DLCs, one specifically that was centered around Trevor was canceled because of the powerhouse that is GTA Online.

In an interview with YouTuber SanInPlay, former Rockstar developer Joseph Rubino talked about the canceled Trevor DLC for GTA 5 and why it never saw the light of day.

“We split our teams into two, so I stayed on GTA Online and then this DLC — which Steven Ogg was a very important part of — and then some of the team overlapped and went to [Red Dead Redemption 2] early on,” Rubino said.

As far as the content of the DLC, Rubino says he believes that a lot of the stuff planned and developed ultimately found its way into GTA Online. He couldn’t recall any specifics of what made it, but believed they did. The DLC itself was supposed to feature Trevor as some sort of undercover agent.

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As to why the DLC never happened, Rubino says it had to do with the money that GTA Online was making right off the bat.

“When GTA Online came out, it was so much of a cash cow and people were loving it so much that it was hard to make an argument that a standalone DLC would out-compete that,” he said. “I think looking back now I would say that you could probably do both, but that was a business decision that they made and I was a little upset about that.”

He added that the development of the content was roughly halfway done before it was shelved.

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