8 Best Xbox Games for Multiplayer

Xbox Games Rust And Chivalry 2

Xbox fans have access to a decent range of competitive multiplayer games, spanning both casual and hardcore gameplay. It can be equally fun to unwind with your friends or take the long haul and aim for the leaderboards. So, this list will concentrate on a variety of options across different genres while avoiding overlap.

As a result, there will be some notable omissions, but the selected games best represent their multiplayer difficulty level and genre. The list will focus on competitive rather than co-op multiplayer. Here’s our rundown of the best multiplayer games on Xbox for players of all ages and skill levels.

8. Fall Guys

Fall Guys Fall Force Obstacles

Following the addition of Creative mode, Fall Guys has transformed itself into an excellent party game. It offers short sprints of casual gameplay that support large groups of friends across limitless Rounds. The variety of playful mini-games and obstacle courses are relatively simple to understand and are always low stakes.

While there are some oddly try-hard competitors online sometimes, the silly action and cute art design are family-friendly. This makes Fall Guys ideal for younger players too. It’s also a free to play competitive game, which is convenient on any platform, let alone Xbox. Players can also team up together ahead of matchmaking, blending both co-op and competitive play.

7. Rocket League

Rocket League Haunted Hallows Cars

This game is similar in nature to Fall Guys, for its zany attitude and brisk, casual competition. But getting the win does require some legitimate strategy here, and the eSports scene remains surprisingly healthy after all these years.

There’s a fun balance between arcade purity and thoughtful teamwork, and just enough variables to avoid redundancy. There have been some regular updates over time, adding different modes and seasonal events. This is a straightforward multiplayer game that isn’t pay-to-win, and functions better than most strenuously realistic sports games.

6. Fortnite

Fortnite Biking Mid-Air

This remains the definitive battle royale game, which is a very particular kind of competition. The high-risk, high-reward action can turn tougher BR games into looting simulators. Similar multiplayer Xbox games like Apex Legends and Warzone have rugged lobbies that feel far more punishing, especially given troublesome skill-based matchmaking.

Fortnite may not have the best graphics, but it has a massive scope and lots of social features. There are also far more frequent updates in Fortnite, and even other player creations to explore. As a result, there is generally more content throughout Fortnite than any other game in the genre.

5. Rust

Rust Multiplayer Game Bow And Arrow

This multiplayer survival hit has a steep difficulty curve compared to the Xbox games above, but it’s an extraordinary experience. Rust feels like the successful culmination of the survival genre, combining all of its most satisfying mechanics.

Rust can be absolutely unforgiving, but that also happens to be its primary appeal. While you’ll begin by overcoming nature itself, you’ll always have to contend with other players. Like any proper survival game, you can’t be sure who to trust. But despite the constant sense of danger, there’s also plenty of freedom.

4. Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 War Medieval Multiplayer Game

This popular medieval-themed game launched in 2021 and delivers the most satisfying Xbox multiplayer melee. The medieval setting is well-articulated and massive, and the combat mechanics are both intuitive and layered.

This is not just a simple hack-and-slash game. The improved variety of classes and weapons are more flexible for discovering an ideal playstyle. The overall sense of scale in this game is impressive, creating some genuine immersion and cinematic style. There is never a dull moment in Chivalry 2, and its crossplay makes everything easier.

3. Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 Cars In Rain

This racing hit doesn’t necessarily revolutionize the series, but it maintains the high standards of previous installments and includes broader features. For example, the game’s representation of Mexico is an unexpectedly large map. This translates into some of the most rewarding and varied multiplayer races in the genre.

It can often be difficult for racing games to balance breezy, arcade fun with realism. Forza Horizon 5 offers both, so that you can enjoy every kind of multiplayer tone. The authenticity of its vehicles and world are stunning, but there are laid back activities, too. This is an excellent game for competitive multiplayer, and it’s available on the Xbox Game Pass.

2. Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Ryu Chun Li Multiplayer Game

Like other Xbox fighting games, Street Fighter 6 offers both local and online multiplayer, which can be invaluable. This selection is almost interchangeable with Mortal Kombat 1, and probably best determined by personal preference. However, while MK1 has an extraordinary campaign experience and Invasion Mode, Street Fighter’s online scene is superb.

Longtime fans are sure to appreciate Street Fighter’s smooth maneuverability and speed. Although it may not be very accessible for some, the competitive threshold is delightfully high. Investing your time in the long run will pay off well, as you’ll be consistently rewarded for developing advanced skills.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

modern warfare 2 ranked mode

This game is the classic multiplayer experience for Xbox fans. It’s the ideal crossroads of meticulous strategy and fast-paced shooting. The movement is fairly fluid, the mechanics are easy to digest, and the level design promotes a variety of tactics.

The competitive side of MWII is pretty flexible, too. You can easily enjoy casual gameplay among friends, but there’s a clear path for high-intensity lobbies. There’s also a campaign to brush up on your skills before diving into the complex meta. Fortunately, there’s also a sequel slated to launch next month.

It can be tough for games to provide ample servers and proper matchmaking in any genre. Though some of our selections are pretty obligatory, they’re still excellent games. Tell us about other competitive multiplayer games and hidden gems that make you spend your entire weekend on Xbox!