8 Best Xbox Games for Children

Children Games Chicory Minecraft Astroneer

Children are all unique, but Xbox offers a decent variety of family-friendly games for younger players. It’s important that their introductory titles do not pander or shoehorn education. They shouldn’t provoke incessant in-game purchases just to enjoy the gameplay, either. In fact, parents will likely be searching for cost-efficient titles, in general.

This list will include a range of games that will encourage kids to get creative, learn, or simply have some easygoing adventures. Our selections will consider different age groups and interests, as well as price tags and co-op support for families.

8. Bang-On Balls: Chronicles

Bang-On Balls Viking World

This amusing indie is a new release with a cute art design and fast-paced gameplay. It features fun open worlds and simple controls, with light platforming and puzzles. It’s also brimming with content, which could keep up with shorter attention spans. You can’t roll two feet without meeting a brand-new enemy or collectible.

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles also supports both local and online co-op, which is ideal for siblings and friends. It may not be especially educational, but that shouldn’t be a prerequisite for everything kids play. This captures the wholesome spirit of childhood imagination through themed worlds that also offer a lot to do. It’s also a game they probably haven’t seen before.

7. Fall Guys

Fall Guys Creative Mode For Children

This kid-friendly party game is truly adorable, and any questionable IP collaborations that cater to older players are reserved for separate purchases. Fall Guys has a colorful world and casual gameplay that equally suits single-player and co-op gameplay.

The variety of minigames shake things up enough to retain interest. There are some really neat little games aside from the obstacle courses. For parents who may have missed it, Fall Guys has also added a mode that lets you build your own courses. This is an excellent invitation for children to get creative, and it’s one of a few satisfying free Xbox games.

6. Fortnite

Fortnite Biking Mid-Air

Xbox may not offer the friendliest shooters, like Splatoon, but Fortnite is a cute game in the genre. It’s a surprisingly social game, with low stakes and a wide range of complexity. It can be just as easy to run around and play events, rather than aiming for eSports stardom. There’s a general sense of cartoonish fun.

Similar to Fall Guys, it is both free to play and comes with a creative mode. The latter only just reached Xbox consoles a couple of years ago. Older kids will enjoy the chance to make their own creations and discover many more from the community.

5. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

LEGO Games Skywalker Saga Darth Maul Duel

Star Wars has permeated pop culture entertainment throughout all ages, with many animated shows and games for children. LEGO also happens to be one of the most popular and varied toys for kids. This title successfully combines the epic storytelling of Star Wars with the slapstick comedy and ingenuity of LEGO games.

Kids are certain to appreciate the simple controls, frequent sense of humor, and vast open worlds. The extraordinary breadth of content will keep them entertained for countless hours. There’s always another side quest to complete, or collectible to uncover. It also conveniently joined the Xbox Game Pass a while after launch.

4. Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory A Colorful Tale Woods Puzzle

This memorable indie is the perfect blend of artistic appeal and imaginative puzzles. It’s cute and casual enough for children, and also available on Xbox Game Pass. It successfully translates the charm, joys, and benefits of painting without feeling like schoolwork.

This is essentially a coloring book for all ages, both lighthearted and cheerful. It’s properly nuanced, with a good balance of artistic purpose and cozy freedoms. Anyone can become invested in the meaningful story and adorable characters. It’ll be perfect for kids who love to draw and create.

3. Astroneer

Astroneer Research Station

This incredible celebration of science and exploration is ideal for slightly older kids who love technology and the cosmos. Like many spacefaring games, it revolves around the thrill of discovery, which is reliably entertaining for children.

However, Astroneer involves genuine research, and the science is unexpectedly realistic. You’ll quickly need to manage both energy and oxygen to get by. But the poly art design and general tone are friendly. You’re also free to simply roam around or create with the terrain tool. In co-op mode, the game also promotes good teamwork without too much stress.

2. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Farming Crops

This remains a highlight among life and farming sim games that’s terrific for children and adults alike. The long-term commitment to your animals and plants will organically teach kids about responsibility and its benefits. There are also many seasonal activities that encourage players to engage with their community and improve it.

Stardew Valley offers deeper content than the likes of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The dungeon crawls in Stardew are a bit challenging, and offer a mysterious RPG adventure between harvests. The retro visuals are also cozy and easy to comprehend, and it may warm them up to other classics.

1. Minecraft

Minecraft Castle And Steve Games For Children

This is still the most natural game for children of all ages, because it mainly allows them to make their own fun. It also offers co-op, iconic enemies, and lots of building gameplay. The sandbox setting is so freeing that Minecraft can be as complicated or simple as you like.

The fundamental system of Minecraft is flexible enough for extraordinarily complex inventions. Or, you can simply build the house you always wanted. This keeps the game pliable even as kids grow a bit older. Although Minecraft doesn’t have much direction, it’s a cute and remarkably efficient spark for creativity.

Gaming can play a large role in your life at any age. There are frequently new games for children in a variety of genres, from slapstick fun to purely academic tales. Tell us some of your favorite childhood games, and which titles you’d recommend for new generations of gamers!