6 Best Apex Legends Heroes For Mixtape

Valkyrie and Pathfinder Finishers

Mixtape has been an invaluable addition for Apex Legends, introducing a proper variety of content through limited-time modes. They’re excellent for players with less time, beginners seeking less risk, and solo queue players who don’t want to be totally compromised by teammates. Mixtape modes are less punishing and end quickly.

Apex just released another season and an accompanying new legend, so there are likely some new players. This list will select the ideal legends to successfully compete in all three of Mixtape’s limited-time modes. As a result, our selections will be based on how strategically flexible and effective they are for multiple objectives.

6. Conduit

Conduit On Storm Point Apex Legends

This new legend is surprisingly balanced between defensive and offensive opportunities. Conduit’s abilities partly play like a Wattson overhaul, and they’re designed for any kind of pinch. You can pre-charge armor for a push, or help teammates survive when they’re ambushed. And perhaps when they go in over their head.

The tactical ability might take ages during standard Apex Legends BR, but you’re almost in constant combat during Mixtape and frequently respawning. With groups of teammates in TDM or Control, you’re bound to help someone. Conduit’s ultimate also creates a wide barrier for Control mode. But it won’t do much for the shifting momentum of TDM or Gun Run.

5. Rampart

Apex Legends Rampart Finisher

Mixtape only truly requires a controller hero during Control mode, where bases can be easily flanked and stolen. It’s certainly helpful for locking doors, blocking ziplines, and holding from a corner. However, Rampart’s ability to flip into aggressive gameplay is very useful in Mixtape, especially compared to Caustic or Wattson.

Rampart’s walls operate more fluidly and won’t encourage you to camp. You can quickly set up for ranged weapons during Gun Run, or transport cover during TDM. Her ultimate can help flush out a room, or devastate from high ground. Rampart is a solid choice if you aren’t using a mobility-driven legend.

4. Valkyrie

Valkyrie Finisher With Revelry Cosmetic

A skilled Apex Legends player can avoid almost anything with Valkyrie’s tactical, an unpredictable force in Mixtape. So, even if you aren’t simply seeking the high ground, you can easily outmaneuver enemies and find cover in the midst of combat. Valkyrie’s tactical ability is also decent for disruption, distraction, and locating enemies from afar.

Unfortunately, Valkyrie’s ultimate has a slow recharge and isn’t always as useful. You can take your team to height together, assuming you have reliable comms and wait for respawns. This can be helpful for removing enemies in important positions or taking an enemy spawn base. Launching can also help you scan for rats or ambush a sniper. But you will be a noticeable and easy target.

3. Pathfinder

Pathfinder Finisher Against Mirage

Pathfinder’s ultimate plays a crucial role throughout Apex Legends, particularly in Mixtape. Their ability to close the gap between spawn zones and the action is incredibly useful. If the zipline is placed properly, enemies won’t be able to use it in reverse. This can be achieved by quickly planning out your angle and end point.

It’s also helpful that the zipline cannot be destroyed, and grants easy access to crucial positions. And regardless of the TDM map, Pathfinder’s grapple will always be useful for crossing open ground. You can easily flee to teammates, who are likely playing their lives in Mixtape, or reach an objective sooner. The grapple is also an essential for gaining height, though it’s slower and requires practice.

2. Horizon

Horizon Lounging In Apex Legends

Horizon is another excellent movement-based Apex legend that can deal with the frequent verticality in Mixtape. However, their tactical ability is also deployed quickly and more easily. And most importantly, it is not self-serving. Although it’s a beacon for enemies, it may also attract and rescue teammates.

Besides Horizon’s effective repositioning, her ultimate is fairly pliable. Naturally, it’s an important tool for flushing enemies out in Control mode. But it can also help pin enemies during Gun Run if you’re struggling to push through a weapon that you haven’t quite mastered. And in TDM, stronger teams usually group together, making them ideal targets.

1. Octane

Apex Legends Heroes Octane Running

Octane remains one of the most flexible heroes in Apex Legends, and their abilities are perfectly suited for Mixtape. Octane’s self-heal is a rare and priceless ability with no syringes and medkits to manage. Their sheer speed is helpful for testing a push, tactical retreats, and reaching objectives in early game.

The jump pad may be destructible, but it can be positioned well enough for teammates to continue using it at spawn. In tighter maps, the jump pad is also ideal for some quick height, escapes, or meddling with an entryway. Octane will be equally useful across all modes in Mixtape, and is often handled more sensibly in the LTMs than in BR.

Each of the heroes in Apex Legends has their own value, but Mixtape offers some fairly niche gameplay. Some definitely have advantages in Mixtape’s fast-paced gunplay and LTM variety. Those who rely on downed teammates or grant information lose some of their significance. Tell us what other legends you think would be great for TDM, Control, and Gun Run!